90 DAY FIANCE Juliana had affair with husband of Michael’s Jessen’s ex-wife, baby’s paternity in question REPORT

90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio Michael Jessen and his ex wife Sarah Naso

The break up between 90 Day Fiance couple Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio just got messier… A LOT messier.

According to multiple sources for In Touch, Juliana had an affair with the husband of Michael’s ex-wife, Sarah Naso. Sarah and her husband, Sean Naso, have reportedly been living with Michael in his $1.3 million dollar home, which is currently tied up in foreclosure proceedings.

Just after Juliana’s pregnancy announcement in November, one of In Touch’s insiders says Sarah “thought the baby belonged to Sean” because of their alleged affair. Another source also says that Sarah was curious about the paternity of Juliana’s baby.

The article doesn’t mention any details about a sexual encounter between Juliana and Sean, merely a recounting of a time that they were reportedly seen kissing each other. From In Touch:

An eyewitness spotted Juliana, 25, allegedly “making out” with Sean, 39, “in the kitchen” of the home that they shared with Michael, 44, Sarah, 44, and the former married couple’s two children, Max and Cece, in Connecticut, one source exclusively claims to In Touch. The alleged incident took place during a farewell party thrown for Juliana in September 2021, before she left for Europe and before her split from the wine entrepreneur.

Juliana issued a statement to In Touch in response to the doubts surrounding the paternity of her baby. She says that she has “confirmation” that her new boyfriend, Ben, is the father. “It’s really sad that this family has nothing to use against me and they are using my baby and making these stories about me,” Juliana adds. “I hope I never have to hear or see these people again.”

In addition to her statement to In Touch, Juliana seemed to address the article by sharing numerous sonogram images in her Instagram stories:

90 Day Fiance Michael Jessen's estranged wife Juliana Custodio shares sonogram photos while pregnant

The bottom sonogram has a date of January 17 and lists the gestational age for the baby as 12 weeks and 4 days. That would mean the baby was conceived around October 23. Based on her social media posts, Juliana was already in Europe by early October.

Even if the baby is not Sean Naso’s, Juliana publicly hinted that she did something bad at the time of the break up. “Everybody keep asking me if I’m still married,” Juliana said in a since-deleted TikTok clip posted in late September.

“This really is truly hard, and I’m not ready to talk through yet,” she continued. “If you guys find out, you guys gonna hate me, forever. Everybody’s gonna hate me.”
In the comments, someone wrote in part: “We won’t hate you!! Unless the truth is u cheated?”
Juliana’s response: “I didn’t!!!, sucks after everything the woman always take the na [sic]”

90 Day Fiance Michael Jessen's ex-wife Sarah Naso quote about Juliana Custodio

Sarah Naso And Sean Naso Currently Being Sued

It has been a rough couple of years for the Jessens and Nasos. In addition to Michael Jessen’s home going into foreclosure, Sarah Naso has been sued twice since late 2020.

In October of 2020, Sarah was sued by American Express National Banks in regards to credit card debt in excess of $34,000. A default judgment was entered against Sarah for $34,606.17 on July 8, 2021. She was ordered to pay $35.00 per week starting on August 11.

In addition to the credit card lawsuit, Sarah and her husband, Sean Naso, were both sued in March of 2021 after Sean crashed Sarah’s Dodge 1500 truck into another vehicle in March of 2019. The lawsuit alleges that the driver of the other vehicle sustained injuries that included a concussion, whiplash, traumatic brain injury and a fractured wrist.

There is no indication that Sarah was present at the time of the accident. She is named as a co-defendant because the truck was in her name.
The lawsuit is still active and scheduled for a trial management hearing on July 28. Jury selection and the trial is scheduled for August 16.

Sarah Naso Cancer Diagnosis

UPDATE – Many of our readers responded to the Juliana cheating report by pointing out that Sarah was recently diagnosed with cancer. She revealed that she had surgery for breast cancer in March of 2020. Within a week of Sarah’s announcement, her husband Sean shared an update.

“She had surgery yesterday it was a success,” he wrote in response to someone on social media asking for an update. “And she has to do radiation in early May. I’m sure she would have responded but she’s been in and out of sleep n she’s in a bit of pain,” Sean added in regards to why Sarah wasn’t the one providing the update. “They caught it early. Thank god.”

Unfortunately, Sarah revealed soon after Sean’s post that her cancer was invasive and she was going to need another surgery. At the same time that she provided this update, Sara revealed that her husband had written and recorded a song for her titled “All the Ways.”

From Soap Dirt:

Sarah Jessen said that Sean played it for her as he drove her home from the hospital post-op. The 90 Day Fiance co-star seemed to enjoy the song her husband wrote. It included some great moments where he sang that he’s been with many women but “I’ve only met one great one”.

Michael Jessen shared a very brief update on Sarah’s cancer treatment in July of 2020. “Sarah’s doing much better,” he wrote. “She recently finished radiation therapy and the prognosis is very positive.”

Michael Jessen Foreclosure Update

Michael Jessen’s foreclosure case is still open. There was a mediation hearing held on December 28.
According to the mediator’s report, Michael has requested a loan modification. He apparently had some additional questions about the mortgage lender’s proposal, and the lender agreed to “submit a full package addressing the issues raised by” Michael.
There is another remote mediation hearing scheduled for February 24, 2022.
I checked but did not see divorce filings for either Michael or Sarah in their home county.

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