90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio is pregnant! Michael Jessen’s foreclosure moves forward

90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio pregnant after split from Michael Jessen

90 Day Fiance stars Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio confirmed back in October that they had broken up after two years of marriage. As Michael remains in Connecticut and deals with his house being in foreclosure, Juliana is traveling the world pursuing her modeling career and… GETTING PREGNANT!?

That’s right, Juliana is currently expecting! The future father looks to be a German art gallery owner and/or dealer who goes by the name Ben Obscura on Instagram. He shared the baby news earlier today in a caption to a photo of himself hugging Juliana on a bridge in Hamburg, Germany.

“Baby on the way!” Ben wrote, adding a red heart emoji. “A new adventure is about to begin! We are super excited and we can’t wait to welcome our new addition into the family!”

Ben then revealed that they already have a nickname for their new addition. “Babyzinho we can’t wait to meet you!”

The caption concluded with a lot of positivity about the family’s future. “We are now preparing for the most beautiful blessing we could ask for! The best is yet to come! ❤️”

Juliana dodged any issues with translation by responding with this string of emoji: “❤️❤️❤️🤰🏻🤱🏻”

The 25-year-old former reality star shared Ben’s post in her Instagram story and this time added a written message in all caps: “MY BIGGEST DREAM CAME TRUE 🤱🏻 I LOVE YOU ❤️”

UPDATE – Juliana shared a few photos with Ben and a statement about her pregnancy:

So excited for our new adventure

Words aren’t enough to tell you how wonderful you are, I’m forever grateful for the happiness and joy you have brought into my life, and for make one of my biggest dream come true🤱🏻, we can’t wait to meet you.

I am the luckiest woman to be able to call you mine @ben_obscura ✨❤️.

Pls: if you have nothing good to say, please just leave ❤️❤️✨.

Neither Juliana nor Ben revealed how far along her pregnancy is. However, Juliana posted a series of video clips today from a modeling shoot and she is clearly not showing yet. Here’s a screen cap:

90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio pregnant baby bump

Juliana’s pregnancy comes as a huge surprise to most everyone, but the fact that she was seeing someone new was previously revealed by Michael. “I am happy that you have moved on and have quickly found someone new,” he wrote in his long-winded (and since-deleted) break up announcement in October. “I hope that you will have lasting love and happiness and achieve every dream that you set out upon,” he added.

Michael has yet to make any public statements in regards to Juliana’s pregnancy.

Congratulations to Juliana and Ben! Ben looks to be a good fit for Juliana, and not just because they appear to be somewhat closer in age than Juliana and Michael. Here’s a better photo of him:

Juliana Custodio's boyfriend and baby daddy Benjamin aka Ben Obscura

In addition to being in the fine art business, Ben is also frequently traveling the globe. I tried to nail down exactly what Ben’s job/business is, but had no luck. Most all of his Instagram photos are taken with contemporary artwork, including his most recent non-Juliana post on November 4 posing with Takashi Murakami’s painting, “727 : Noah’s Ark (Background in collaboration with Madsaki).”

Michael Jessen’s foreclosure update

As we were the first to report, Michael Jessen’s $1.19 million house purchased in 2019 is currently in foreclosure. From our previous post:

According to court documents, Michael stopped paying his mortgage payments in April of 2020, less than a year after buying the home. On July 1, 2021, the mortgage lender filed a foreclosure complaint against Michael.

Michael filed a Foreclosure Mediation Request/Certificate on July 22. A week later, the court assigned the case to the Foreclosure Mediation Program. “The Foreclosure Mediation Program was established pursuant to P.A. 08-176 and its purpose is to assist homeowners and lenders achieve a mutually agreeable resolution to a mortgage foreclosure action through the mediation process,” explains the Connecticut Judicial Branch website.

The case had a remote mediation hearing on November 4. There was a premediation report filed the following day, and there is a new remote mediation hearing scheduled for December 28.

If you’re wondering whether or not Michael Jessen has filed for bankruptcy, I could find no record of it at the time of this post.

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