90 DAY FIANCE Pregnant Juliana Custodio gender reveal video

90 Day Fiance Pregnant Juliana Custodio gender reveal

The whirlwind life of 90 Day Fiance star Juliana Custodio continues! The 25-year-old Brazilian model left her husband of two years, Michael Jessen, to do some modeling work in Europe in September of last year. In a matter of weeks, she was pregnant by the new love of her life, a European man who goes by the name Ben Obscura on social media.

Juliana announced her pregnancy in November, and earlier today she shared a gender reveal video. In the clip, Juliana appears with Ben as well as a very large black balloon with the words “Boy or Girl?” printed on it. After the couple hugs and laughs, Juliana pops the balloon with a knife to reveal…
Blue confetti! IT’S A BOY!

“Magic moment we will never forget,” Juliana captioned the clip, tagging Ben. “Welcome to our little family baby Benjamin ✨💙”

In her stories, Juliana answered questions about her pregnancy cravings. She also shared some photos and clips of her growing baby bump. In one video, she cradles her tummy and writes: “I can’t describe the feeling.”

Juliana previously shared a couple sonograms that indicate the baby was conceived around October 23. That would mean that Juliana’s due date is some time in mid-July.

As Juliana seemingly lives out a fairy tale happy ending overseas, her estranged husband Michael continues to sift through the rubble left behind.

In addition to facing foreclosure on his million dollar home, Michael looks to be the primary caregiver for his two children after his ex-wife Sarah moved out of his house. Here’s Michael explaining how his situation developed from a recent video:

The third fatal mistake I made was allowing my ex-wife Sarah and her husband Sean to live with us. By early 2020, Sarah and Sean were having some financial struggles and were selling their house. And Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. And, of course, COVID struck, and by mid-march our area was in lockdown.

Juliana and I made the decision to allow Sarah and Sean to live with us. At this time, all four of us were very close. And, in fact, Juliana and Sarah consider themselves best of friends. And remember that Sarah was the officiant in our wedding.

And thinking of Max and Cece also. It seemed like a good idea to have both parents under the same roof. We thought we could be one big, happy, blended family. And, for quite a long time, we were.

But, by mid-summer of 2021, the experiment would come to an abrupt halt, and the fallout would ultimately lead to the destruction of my marriage.

In case you missed it, there are reports that Juliana cheated on Michael with Sarah’s husband. Juliana and Sean were obviously close, as evidenced by her appearance in his music video for the song “California.”

Michael will be doing additional videos with You’re So Lazy, in which he is expected to share some details about why the “experiment” came to an “abrupt halt” as well as the fallout. We will update with the video(s) and recap(s).

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