90 DAY FIANCE Michael & Juliana relationship timeline, including Valentine’s Day divorce filing

Michael Jessen Juliana Custodio divorce filed on Valentine's Day

90 Day Fiance couple Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio are officially headed for divorce. According to court records, Juliana Custodio de Sousa Jessen filed for a dissolution of marriage in Connecticut on Valentine’s Day. As if that wasn’t enough of a knife twist for Michael, Juliana has hired an attorney from Happy Even After Family Law to handle the divorce.

The Valentine’s Day filing comes less than five months after Juliana revealed to Michael that she wanted to break up and was already seeing another man. Her affair reveal to Michael was reportedly one day before the couple’s second wedding anniversary.

Michael and Juliana both issued statements about their split on their October 12 anniversary day. The statements had wildly varying accounts of what happened.

Juliana is currently in Germany. She’s pregnant with her new boyfriend’s baby and due some time in July.

Michael recently invited Instagrammer @youresolazy into his Connecticut home to document him telling his side of what happened with Juliana. We recapped Part One of the YouTube video series, and now we have the second and third installments.

Part Three seems to have the most information, including a timeline of events leading up to the divorce filing last month.

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio Divorce Timeline

90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen divorce timeline
Things are fine in May and June of 2021.
In July, Michael and Juliana take a romantic trip with their 90 Day Fiance co-stars, Syngin and Tania.
Michael Jessen’s ex-wife Sarah and her husband, aspiring rapper Sean Naso, were living with Michael and Juliana in his house. Sarah leaves in mid-July to take care of some necessary personal matters and does not return.

In August of 2021, phone records reveal Juliana and Sean started communicating regularly and spending nights and weekends away.

Later in August, Juliana and Sean are caught by houseguests “making out” and “all over each other” in the kitchen.

Juliana leaves for Europe on September 2 to spend “a couple of months modeling.” She spends a week in Italy to celebrate her birthday before heading to Hamburg, Germany.
In late September, Juliana starts communicating with her new boyfriend Ben via texts and phone calls.

October 8-10: Juliana takes a trip to Berlin without her friends. She uses Michael’s cards for her expenses. He becomes suspicious when he sees her photos. When confronted, she admits the affair the day before their 2nd anniversary. She denies having moved on in her public announcement.

Juliana continues to communicate with Sean in October, culminating in a 75-minute phone call on October 20th. After which, their communication basically stops.
On November 20, Juliana announces online that she is currently pregnant with Ben’s baby.
On February 14, Juliana officially files for divorce from Michael.

Michael Jessen Video Recaps

Part Two and Part Three have a combined running time of close to an hour. I won’t try to recap everything in the videos because there is simply too much! If you are interested in getting Michael’s full perspective, I highly recommend you watch the videos. They are both embedded at the bottom of this post.

Here are some highlights of what Michael had to say:

Michael Jessen On Getting A Divorce

Michael filmed the videos in early February, which was just before Juliana filed for divorce.

I have been willing to talk with her and start this negotiation, but where I’m starting from and where she’s starting from — we’re very far apart.

Every step of this has just been an absolute cruelty and awfulness, and that’s why I’m holding my line with this divorce thing.

I don’t need to do anything. Doing anything just puts me out more money, time, and the pain in the ass that is filing a ****ing divorce. Sorry, it’s a terrible thing to do. You have to disclose everything, fill out so many things — financial stuff, get credit card statements going back to blah, blah, blah. Yeah, what did you come into the relationship with, blah, blah. Come on man, I’m not doing that.

She’s in Europe and…the only time we have an interaction is when she’s trying to bully me for a divorce and I remind her: “Well, I’m happy to talk about that. I realize I’m not hanging on to you as a wife, per se, but you have to issue an apology and retraction of these things, these statements you made. It’s done a lot of damage. It’s made me look even worse than I already did, given your behavior, given what you’ve done.” And she refuses.

Juliana Is A Gold Digger And “Swindler”

I feel like I was dealing with a huckster, you know, a swindler…In a way, it’s her hustle, you know? I’m not saying her grand plan when we met was: “Oh, one day I’m gonna end up in Germany pregnant with some guy I just met.” But, he’s like the new mark. I mean, he’s probably — he must be more naive than I am.

I paid for everything. Of course, I’m the husband. I’m supporting her. She didn’t have money to support herself…She made no money while she was here. Maybe a little bit. Whatever she made she kept for herself anyway. I didn’t have a problem with that. I know she was — if she made some money, she was having it deposited in Brazil or something, or sending it to family I guess.

90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio trust quote

Michael says that he paid for Juliana’s initial flight to Milan before she then went to Hamburg, Germany. Michael says that it was his understanding at the time that Juliana would be back in Connecticut in two to three months. Even after Juliana arrived in Hamburg, Michael says he was still paying her expenses.

I paid for everything up until I discovered she was having an affair. Then I had to say, ‘This guy can do it.’ I mean, there’s expenses from Berlin! The guy wasn’t even paying for Berlin s**t…So I paid for an adulterous weekend getaway — or helped to, whatever — while they’re consummating a relationship and conceiving a baby in my marriage.

Michael talks about what it’s like seeing Juliana’s posts and her relationship with Ben online.

It’s watching a swindler. It’s watching a hustler do what they do. And I think she really is believing her own story. And I think she really believed we were in love, and I was the love of her life, like she always said, and we would be together forever, no matter what, you know?

So now she’s on to the next one, new hustle, you know? So yeah, I do feel taken advantage of. I do feel she was gold digging. She may not say that, she may defend it. It may not [have been] premeditated, but look how it ended up.

She’s left me in emotional and financial ruin. For nothing. I did nothing to deserve that. I may have had my problems…I will not at all claim that, “Oh, I made no mistakes.” I did not do anything harmful to her — certainly nothing intentional to make her upset, make her angry.

Michael Jessen Regrets 90 Day Fiance

That’s made it 100 times, if not more horrible. To be kind of suffering in this strange, barely d-list celebrity kind of public eye where there’s some segment of people that are really rabid about this show, you know? And really nasty, you know?

Not all — actually, there’s a lot of really wonderful people who follow the show, follow the story. But there’s, like, such a cynicism and a nastiness that follows you around.

I feel like an outsider watching my own story. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like it’s really happening, especially because Juliana is not present, you know?

A Few More Highlights

Michael takes us on a tour of Juliana’s closet, which has LOTS of clothes and shoes. He says Juliana took all of her jewelry and most all of her designer handbags, which is why he thinks she never planned on coming back.

Michael says Juliana was texting his daughter, Cece, about the pregnancy, including sending her sonograms.

“I’m personally just committed to getting through this and surviving. But it’s a lot, you know? And once we come out, me and the kids, our lives are going to be a lot different. We won’t be living here in this house.”

What about Michael’s wine business? “I’m not winding that down, but I’m distancing myself more from it,” he says. “There’s one company I’m trying to sell,” he adds.

Michael Jessen Videos

UPDATE – Juliana replied to a Monsters and Critics article titled “90 Day Fiance: Michael Jessen claims estranged wife Juliana Custodio left him in ’emotional and financial ruin'” with an Instagram story post. She added an animated gif of a woman saying “Oops” along with the following message [translated to English]:

😂😂😂 As if this was his first crisis, even before we got married we were in s**t, the wedding was paid for by credit cards and the rest that was missing who was paying for everything was his ex who lent money even for us to eat, this guy is a joke 🙄

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