90 DAY FIANCE Jibri’s friend David kicked him into a coma in high school

Tensions are high for 90 Day Fiancé‘s Jibri and his fiancée Miona as they drive to Chicago from Rapid City, South Dakota for an opportunity with Jibri’s band. The problem is that Miona has butted heads before with Jibri’s The Black Serbs bandmate David. Jibri then reveals that Miona’s not the only one who has had problems with David. In high school David Dacho seriously injured Jibri.

Miona is nervous about seeing David again

Miona says that while she’s excited to go to Chicago, she’s afraid that David will “make a mess of something.”

“You don’t want David to make the mess?” Jibri questions Miona, subtly implying that Miona might be responsible for a mess if it is made.

“Yeah, I don’t trust him,” Miona replies.

Jibri insists that David is a “good dude” who truly cares about him. The two have known each other since they were teenagers and have been through a lot together, a lot of ups and downs. Jibri implores Miona to give David a chance.

Their bond, in fact, involves physical trauma. “He put me in a coma in high school,” Jibri reveals. The coma lasted for three days.

Why did David assualt Jibri?

Jibri explained that the reason David kicked him in the head, which resulted in a three-day-long coma, was because Jibri was making fun of his Serbian accent.

After Jibri recovered from his injury, he met a Serbian girl at a party and they hit it off. It took three months into dating her that he realized that his girlfriend was David’s twin sister.

Jibri and David got over the insults and assault and formed a band together

After Jibri and David’s sister broke up, they maintained and grew their friendship and became best friends. They connected strongly over music, which led to them creating their own band.

Jibri and David’s band The Black Serbs released an album in 2019 called “Space Punk,” and they’ve had opportunities to tour in Serbia, which is where Jibri met Miona.

David blames Miona for interfering with the band

Jibri’s upset that David isn’t a big fan of Miona. A big reason why he doesn’t like Miona is that he blames her for Jibri putting less effort into their band over the past few years.

Jibri feels like he needs to apologize to David and his other band members about his lack of attention to the band, but Miona insists that she’s not the reason why Jibri hasn’t been distant from The Black Serbs.

What does David do for a living?

Aside from being a part of The Black Serbs, David is the owner and operator of a trucking company. David not only wants Jibri to work more on music with him, but he also wants Jibri to work at his truck company.

Jibri is more focused on making music than trucking, but he did get his commercial trucking license. David argues that Jibri still needs to pay the bills.

Miona disagrees that Jibri should do trucking if it’s not going to make him happy. David argues that he’s worried about Jibri’s finance, especially since he thinks Jibri is paying for most things in their relationship.

Both Miona and David think the other one is holding Jibri back from accomplishing his goals and following his dreams.

More physical violence between David and Jibri

Unfortunately, David and Jibri’s friendship again descended into violence at the end of tonight’s episode. Jibri initiated physical contact with a slap that soon escalated into a brawl on the floor.

Jibri slapped David because he was nagging Jibri about constantly keeping in contact with Miona while they were working on music.

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