90 DAY FIANCE Michael Jessen and ex-wife Sarah custody battle details

90 Day Fiance Micheal Jessen and ex-wife Sarah are in a custody battle for their children

We have more unfortunate news to report in regards to 90 Day Fiance Season 7 star Michael Jessen. In addition to his ongoing foreclosure proceedings and a split from wife Juliana Custodio amidst allegations of cheating, there is now a custody battle being fought between Michael and his ex-wife, Sarah Naso.

According to public court records, a contempt citation was entered between the couple on December 6 of last year as part of their uncontested dissolution of marriage filing from 2016. Three days later, the Plaintiff (Sarah) filed an application for an emergency ex parte order of custody. To get an emergency ex parte order of custody, there has to be evidence of “an immediate and present risk of physical danger or psychological harm to the child or children.”

On the same day, Sarah filed for a post-judgment motion for modification of child support. There was an “Affidavit Concerning Children” filed the following day. An agreement and an order were entered into the court record on December 20. There is limited information available to the public for family court cases in Connecticut, so I do not have details from the filings.

On December 20 and December 22, there were requests for referral by CSSD Family Services filed. After those docket entries, there is only a return of service filed on January 14. The case has a “resolution plan date” scheduled for January 27.

As we reported on Monday, Michael Jessen’s home was listed for sale over the weekend. The asking price for the property is $1,475,000, which is $280,000 more than Michael paid for it in July of 2019. The property has been part of an ongoing foreclosure case, which is currently in mediation between Michael and his lender. He is scheduled to be back in court (virtually) for a remote mediation hearing on February 24.

Sarah Naso and her husband, Sean Naso, were living with Michael and Juliana at the home that is currently listed for sale. The address for Sara that is listed for the ongoing custody case is that of a transitional house in Bridgeport, CT.

Sarah’s information was updated when she filed the application for an emergency ex parte order of custody on December 9, but it’s unclear if the address was updated. The custody case is part of the couple’s divorce case, which was initially filed by Sarah in 2016. It could be that the address listed for Sarah was from that time.

The address listed for Michael is his prior home. But, the “file date” listed beside his address is April of 2017. As mentioned before, the file date listed for Sarah is December 9, 2021.

Michael seemed to be referencing the custody battle with his most recent Instagram post, which was a photo of his son Max and daughter Cece:


UPDATE – On January 30, Sarah also shared a photo of Max and Cece on Instagram and seemed to be referencing the custody issue:

90 Day Fiance Sarah Jessen custody post

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