Married at First Sight’s David Norton arrest details from violent incident with ex-girlfriend


Married at First Sight’s David Norton recently opened up about his criminal background after online sleuths began digging through his past. David admits he was arrested in 2007 for disorderly conduct when a fight broke out between him, his girlfriend, and his brother.

In Touch followed up with their own investigation and discovered some disturbing details from the arrest.

David claims the incident was nothing more than an argument that got blown out of proportion. He says he’s not a violent person and would “never hurt anyone.”

The police report, however, says differently.

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David’s brother, Brian, called the police after he started acting violently. “David got in my face saying he will slit my throat and [his girlfriend’s],” Brian wrote in the police report. When police arrived, David was seen “grabbing her and pushing her to the ground in front of a police officer, who immediately arrested him.”

Details of David’s relationship with his girlfriend were also revealed in the police report, and painted him as a jealous and controlling boyfriend. The two began dating in college before moving to Arizona after graduation. She says their relationship was going well until they moved in together.  The police report states, “As soon as they moved in together, things changed and he became very possessive.” David admits to losing his temper and smashing a cell phone, but failed to mention when he “followed [his girlfriend] from room to room, shouting, and then grabbed her before she pushed him away.”

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In Touch claims the producers of Married at First Sight knew all about David’s violent past prior to casting him in the show.

Be sure to catch part 1 of the Married At First Sight season finale, airing Tuesday, February 23 at 9/8c on A&E.

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