TEEN MOM Brianna’s Oregon move update: Did they find jobs? Did she and Robert break up?

On this season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, new mom Brianna Jaramillo, her son Braeson, her boyfriend Robert, and her mom Jessica packed up everything they owned and made the long trek from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Oregon despite having nothing lined up as far as work or a place to live. In a scene from tonight’s episode, Jessica tries to remain positive, but Brianna is already regretting the move after all three of them have no luck finding jobs.

“We haven’t heard back from any jobs we applied to, so it’s really been frustrating, and I’m starting to think that this move wasn’t the best idea,” Brianna says in a preview clip.

Here’s the full scene:

While the scene was being filmed, the four of them were living in an Airbnb with all of their furniture and other possessions in a storage unit that they only had for one month.

Although Brianna’s mom Jessica tries to remain positive, she is also realistic about their dire situation after Robert openly wonders what they are going to do if they can’t find jobs. “Honestly, not finding jobs is really not an option,” she says. “We’re just going to have to be out every day until we find a job, and if it takes longer than we thought, then we’re going to have to just sell the car just so that we can buy food.”

“This sh*t sucks,” Brianna says. “I think we should have just stayed in Milwaukee.”

The exodus from Milwaukee to Oregon was back in early June, so how did everything turn out? Brianna updated her fans in a series of questions and answers on Instagram last week.

Brianna revealed that they did manage to find jobs and a more permanent place to stay in less than a month’s time. So, what kind of work did she and her mom get? “I work in a hotel and she works as a manager at a nice restaurant,” Brianna said.

The MTV star was also asked about her decision to move to Oregon in the first place, especially without having a job or place to live lined up. Here are a few of the questions and answers:

QUESTION: Why did you guys leave to Oregon to struggle? ?

BRIANNA: We had some struggles being eager to get on our feet right away, but we saved up for this trip knowing we weren’t gonna have jobs when we got here and immediately worked hard and got jobs.

QUESTION: Were you hesitant on moving knowing y’all didn’t have a for sure place to stay?

BRIANNA: Of course I wouldn’t do anything to put my son in a bad situation. But I knew everything would work out. Almost my whole family is here. We were in safe hands. That’s why I did it.

QUESTION: Do you think the move was the best for you & your baby boy?


QUESTION: Do you like Oregon better?

BRIANNA: I’ll always have love for Milwaukee, but I love being close to family.

If you are curious about Brianna’s sister Vanessa, who returned to Milwaukee after a very emotional airport good-bye scene with Brianna and their mother Jessica, she was able to reunite with her family during a trip to Oregon earlier this month. “I recently spent a week in Oregon helping my sister babysit Braeson,” Vanessa wrote on Instagram just last weekend. “I was scared that he might forget me after moving away, but this trip proved that he’ll never forget his Auntie. He was so ecstatic to see me and it felt as if I never left. My sweetie pie??.”

So all in all, it sounds as though things are going great for Brianna and her family! You may have noticed that Brianna didn’t mention anything about her boyfriend Robert, and unfortunately that looks to be because the two are no longer together.

Robert has been sharing numerous sad posts on social media referencing a heartbreak, although he has not been specific — which could just be because he is not allowed to under his MTV contract. He posted photos of a loving couple together on Instagram earlier this month that included the words “What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else.” That in itself is no indication of a split, but Robert captioned it with emoji that suggest the image and text was not a joyfu celebration, but sorrowful grieving: “?? ???”

In addition to other sad emoji posts on Instagram, Robert also has his relationship status listed as “single” on Facebook. In addition, his profile states that he “lives in West Allis, Wisconsin.” ☹️☹️☹️

I’m going to be really bummed in Brianna and Robert don’t work out, but I’m guessing there was a good reason if they did break up. I suppose we will all just have to keep tuning in for new episodes of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV to find out!

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