Khloe Kardashian wants a fitness empire based on getting her pre-pregnancy body back

The 2018 NBA All-Star game has come and gone, which means we can finally — if reluctantly — put to bed the long-standing rumor that Khloe Kardashian intended to induce labor during the game for maximum publicity and to take advantage of Tristan Thompson’s time off. But from the ashes of that rumor comes more fun gossip: namely, that the Khloe Kardashian baby bump 2018 pics are merely the soon-to-be mom putting her post-pregnancy moneymaking scheme into motion.

Because Khloe is the sole remaining pregnant Kardashian that we know of, she has the family spotlight almost all to herself. And apparently a bored anonymous insider decided to take advantage of the attention, because the details of Khloe’s plans for eclipsing her sisters’ celebrity are both totally predictable and weirdly misplaced. From Radar:

[Khloe] was going to do a Revenge Body special focusing on her losing weight after the baby, but now she’s thinking even bigger. She’d love to do another subscription service or a workout DVD that documents the whole process and allows people to follow along. Either way, Khloe is convinced that she could make millions from this and become more successful than any of her sisters.

The insider, who no doubt had dollar signs dancing in front her eyes, then managed to double down on the idea of a burgeoning Khloe Kardashian fitness empire and contradict it by claiming Khloe would actually need her sisters to make it work:

Khloe would love to get Kylie involved, too, because they’re both struggling to come to terms with their changing bodies….Most of all, she knows this is a good way to make sure she loses her baby weight – and fast!

To recap, then: Khloe, whose slimmed down physique attracted no shortage of attention in 2017, wants to get that figure back as quickly as possible post-pregnancy…and become the Most Popular Kardashian in the process. It’s hardly a stretch to assume that Khloe will want to get back to a TV appropriate figure as soon as possible, so…I guess?

Honestly, the most absurd part of the report is that media-savvy Khloe could possibly think a fitness miniseries would make her more popular than Kylie Jenner, whose fashion and makeup lines are so beloved that she’s going to be a billionaire before she turns 21. This is basically the rumor that Kim wanted Khloe to have a baby via surrogacy so the two of them could produce a KUWTK spinoff about their dual surrogate pregnancies in order to use those pregnancies’ expenses as a tax write-off. Which is to say: It’s believable enough, just not in the sense that the report intends.

Happy Valentine day my love ❤️? Btw I love the curly hair look ?

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Elsewhere in Khloe Kardashian news, reports of Khloe feuding with baby daddy Tristan Thompson are untrue. Gossip Cop reports that Tristan has not gone back to Jordan Craig, his first baby mama, and that he and Jordan are “of course” still in touch, since they had a child together. Talk of Tristan going to a strip club behind Khloe’s back is likewise “misleading,” since Khloe was with him when he went.

On that note, it occurs to me that of all the absurdly large objects the Khloe Kardashian baby bump 2018 has so far been hidden behind — a purse the size of a baby hippo; Tristan Thompson’s giant overcoat — none of those items has been Tristan Thompson himself. Since Khloe isn’t hiding her baby bump anymore, it might be kind of fun to see the two of them do a photo shoot where Tristan tries to cover Khloe but she keeps sneaking around him and finding the lens. Khloe is apparently due in mid-March, so there’s still time.

(Photo credits: Khloe Kardashian baby bump 2018 via Instagram)

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