REPORT Kourtney Kardashian pregnancy rumor mill churns out baby-sized gossip

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The Kourtney Kardashian pregnancy rumors continue to mount, as fans appear to be growing both incredulous about and accepting of the possibility that the 36-year-old reality TV star could be four months along with Justin Bieber’s child. The pair have been connected since last autumn, when they allegedly became lovers–and now, it seems that Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin might be taking the pregnancy rumors seriously.

Both Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber were said to be “mostly happy” about the alleged pregnancy, which raised a fair number of eyebrows when the story broke late last week. Though the Kardashian family is reportedly “furious” about the development, articles at a variety of outlets have quoted apparent insiders who say that Kourtney feels good about carrying her fourth child, and that Justin is excited to become a father–particularly by, if the insiders are to be believed, the best lover he’s ever had in his 21 years of life.

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The latest reports regarding the Kourtney Kardashian pregnancy rumors involve two of Bieber’s most recent loves. He’s been engaged in a relationship of some kind with model Hailey Baldwin for weeks; while Hailey hasn’t offered an official comment, a new Inquisitr report confirmed that she “would be hurt if Justin were to welcome a child” with Kourtney. (It doesn’t help matters that Kourtney is Kendall Jenner’s big sister, and Kendall and Hailey are close friends.)

As for Justin’s once and future love Selena Gomez? Hollywood Gossip has it on good authority that she would “freak the f*ck out” if Justin got Kourtney pregnant: “[This] would be truly devastating for her,” an alleged friend of Selena’s said, “given the fact that Selena personally wanted to have Justin’s baby years ago.”

Added the friend, “She was furious when Justin and Kourtney hooked up the first time.”

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It’s worth pointing out that a Gossip Cop article went in the other direction, claiming that there is no Kourtney Kardashian pregnancy, despite a Life & Style cover story devoted to the topic. A rep for Bieber reportedly called the news “B.S.,” and someone allegedly close to Kourtney responded with a defiant “Have you seen her body recently?” It looks like Kourtney herself managed to start the rumor mill back up, though, by tweeting all weekend that she was sick with a mystery illness:


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