Jenelle Evans gets lip injections and job offers

Jenelle Evans lip injections job offers

Usually the Teen Mom star making headlines for getting lip injections and job offers in Farrah Abraham (and not in a good way), but Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans has reportedly been the recipient of both over the last week!

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirms that Jenelle got her pouter pumped up on Tuesday, which might be the bit of information that Jenelle was upset about on Facebook on Wednesday. “Should have known not to trust people on my fb,” she wrote on her public page. “Can’t even make a private post anymore. Making a new fb this week. Adding only who I can trust on there.”

Though she never explained what the post was, when asked about it in the comments section she laughingly replied, “U will see lol.”

More on Jenelle’s lips in a minute. First, it appears as though Jenelle’s hard work in college is paying off! “Already have a job offered to me after I graduate and to do my externship,” she wrote on Tuesday in reference to her studying to be a Clinical Medical Assistant. She then added on Thursday, “I think i need to walk around in my school scrubs more often. Job offers, role modeling, great conversation starter.” She even added, “It’s funny because adults even treat me with more respect.”

Jenelle Evans scrubs selfie_

Kandi Burrus didn’t know what she was talking about when she was puttin’ down scrubs! 😉 Momma Dawn knows what I’m talkin’ about!

By the way, Jenelle is set to graduate in July.

UPDATE – Jenelle has clarified a bit on Twitter about exactly what happened:

OK, now back to the reported lip injections. Unfortunately we don’t have any post-pump pics as Jenelle hasn’t shared any pictures of herself since Tuesday. So we though we’d take matters into our own hands, and using Farrah Abraham’s recent lip procedure as inspiration, we’ve got an exclusive look at what Jenelle might look like — if things didn’t go well.

First, in case you missed it, here is Farrah after her botched procedure earlier this month:

Farrah Abraham lips botched surgery implants injection

And here’s Jenelle with her lips Farrahlized:

Jenelle Evans with Farrah Abraham lips

Jenelle Evans lip injections duck lips

And actually, Jenelle has shared photos in the past that might also give us a glimpse at what she may look like if there were complications:

Jenelle Evans vampire web

Jenelle Evans zombie Jace


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