Who is Johnny Bananas dating? His girlfriend is finally revealed!

Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas is a Challenge veteran knowing for ruffling feathers, partying hard, and winning a lot. We were first introduced to him when he appeared on the 17th season of The Real World Key West. After his season wrapped, Johnny hopped aboard The Challenge wagon where he has been a constant fixture ever since. After ten challenges, nine countries, three continents, and four victories, he’s still a fan favorite.

This season on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2, Johnny is paired up with his old hook-up buddy Nany, and we’re noticing a different side to him. Yes, he’s still out for blood and the big bucks, but he seems a bit more subdued than we’ve seen him in the past. So, what’s changed? Could it be his girl back home?

Johnny and Nany

In the most recent episode, we got to see a quick glimpse into the personal life of Bananas when the cameras captured him talking sweetly to his girlfriend. Other than knowing her name is Hannah, little is known about the Banana lover… until now!

Johnny is dating Hannah Teter a 28-year-old pro snowboarder and blonde beauty. To say Hannah is a pro may be an understatement. She’s an Olympian who’s won a gold and silver medal in two different Olympics (not to mention the other six medals she’s received in the X Games since 2003).

Hannah Teter

It’s unclear just how Johnny and Hannah met but it’s certain they’ve been happily together for a while now. Johnny admitted on The Challenge After Show that he’s been with his girlfriend for almost three years which lines up with the first social media picture of the couple snapped back in September of 2012 of a romantic date night. Though the couple isn’t secretive about their relationship, very little has be documented about the two lovebirds.

Hannah and Johnny

When she’s not hitting the halfpipe, Hannah enjoys hanging by the beach and spending time with Johnny. The couple share a love of snowboarding, the outdoors, and an overall sense of adventure.

Also, Hannah’s also a beast. After all, you can’t be an Olympian without being in shape. Here’s a quick video of her training. Let’s just say, she would kill it on The Challenge.

The Shred before THE SHRED! Training by @realjohnnybananas #gopro #beastmode #fitlife #TrainDirty #gunshow

A video posted by Hannah Teter (@hannahteter) on

So what does Hannah think of Johnny appearing on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2? Things got a bit sticky this week when Nany had an emotional breakdown and confessed to harboring unresolved feelings for her former flame.

Despite the drama, Johnny is staying cool and collected. It’s evident his priority is another victory. After all, he said he could buy a lot of shiny and sparkly things with $125,000. It sounds like an engagment may not be too far off!

Be sure to catch new episodes of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 every Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV.    


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