PatPat ends Jenelle Eason collaboration, Jenelle calls them a ‘cheap ass company’ who ‘flip’ clothes from Korea

Controversial Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason continues to struggle to maintain business partnerships and sponsorships, and the latest casualty is the clothing brand PatPat. Less than a week after Jenelle posted her first collaborative video reviewing the company’s clothes, PatPat has announced that due to the backlash and angry responses from the brand’s fans, they have ended their relationship with Jenelle. Of course, Jenelle is as Jenelle does, and she immediately took to Instagram to trash PatPat by calling them a “cheap ass company” that “flips” clothes from other brands in places like Korea.

“Thanks to all our fans for reaching out to us,” the PatPat Twitter account shared no less that 27 times on Friday in response to angry tweets about their partnership with Jenelle. “Our collaboration with Jenelle is going to be stopped from now on.” The company would eventually just pin the statement to the top of their feed.

Jenelle, who keeps her social media accounts loaded and under her seat at all times, fired back quickly with two posts on her Instagram story throwing the clothing company under the bus. In the first, she shared @PatPatShopping’s tweet and responded by writing over top of it: “No wonder why they stopped working with me… no payment ?.” She also added: “Cheap ass company that doesn’t pay their promoters. ??‍♀️ @patpatshopping.”

She followed that up with a zoomed-in video of the label on one of the articles of PatPat clothing that she received, showing it was made by a brand called Moonoo from Korea. “All they do is ‘flip’ clothes,” Jenelle wrote, adding a string of three ??? laughing emoji. “Doesn’t even say ‘PatPat,'” she added. “Made in Korea… not America.”

Here are a couple screen shots of Jenelle’s posts:

Jenelle has since taken down her YouTube video reviewing her first PatPat shipment, but thanks to the internet and the diligence of the Hatter community, it has been preserved for posterity — albeit in poor quality and split into three parts. In the clips, you can see Jenelle enlisting the help of daughter Ensley and son Kaiser as they model the swag and Jenelle offers up her praise:

Jenelle has since erased most of her posts regarding the review, but at the time of this article, her Facebook post about it still remains. (Screen cap included at the top of this post.)

PatPat joins a growing list of Jenelle’s business partnerships that have fallen apart due to customer backlash, including a busted deal with the popular mail order food prep company Blue Plate early this year. After an almost identical narrative, the company severed ties with an announcement on Twitter. “Thanks for reaching out. We will no longer be advertising with Jenelle,” the company tweeted in February.

Jenelle would later appear on Vince Russo’s The Brand podcast and attempt to say that it was her decision to part ways with Blue Apron because they were working with her Teen Mom 2 nemesis Kail Lowry. And excerpt from our recap of Jenelle’s appearance on the podcast:

To start the episode, Vince asks Jenelle to open with whatever she wants to address first. “One thing I really want to hit on, just to start out with, is the whole situation with Kail and Leah and her podcast — her going on there and stuff like that,” Jenelle says.

Jenelle goes all the way back to the beginning, when her and Kail’s friendship started to break bad, and ties it to her recent headline-grabbing canceled sponsorship deal with Blue Apron. “I know everyone’s asking about this Blue Apron deal that I got fired from or whatever,” Jenelle starts. “I told Blue Apron I do not want to work with them any more because of Kail. The reason why I don’t want to work with other companies that are involved with Kail is because she went behind my back numerous times to try to get my manager from me, to try to take a pregnancy mouth guard organization away from me, to try to kick me out to get her in. I mean there is so many different things that she has done that’s so shady behind my back that I just made a pact with myself and I said I am not going to work with any other company that works with Kail any more. Just point blank.” (Jenelle did opt to use the same book publisher, however.)

Jenelle’s husband David Eason seemed to have a different take on what went down, as indicated by his angry tweets prior to becoming a Twitter quitter in the wake of his homophobic outbursts. Here is one of his responses to the Blue Apron snub:

@blueapron All these Fake accounts talking about Jenelle and you really take it seriously? Now we see where your priorities are. Simple math- there are more followers than haters…. keep you cheep food and ill keep shopping at The Pig @MyrtleBeachPig @pigglywiggly.

Despite Jenelle’s struggles to retain partnerships, which I am sure is a problem that is exacerbated by how she trashes businesses that break ties, she does have some companies willing to stand by her. There is a website that sells watches that Jenelles posts videos of in her Instagram story all the time — I never paid enough attention to know what company it is. And then, of course, there is the reality star paid promotion standby, Flat Tummy Tea!

Jenelle and Flat Tummy Tea have been in a partnership for a long, long time — even after Jenelle appeared to use a picture of her pregnant belly in a before-and-after side-by-side, which would seem to be the worst message Flat Tummy Tea could want to send. It has never been verified that the photo in question was taken while Jenelle was pregnant, but it was posted at a time when she was denying pregnancy rumors that later turned out to be true.

Given how controversial Jenelle is, what companies do you think would be a good fit for her as far as a business partnership goes? Here are some of my suggestions:

Sullivan Law Trial Attorneys

Redneck Nation Apparel Company

Moonlight Feather Hair Feathers

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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