Clint Brady out of jail, clarifies Tracie divorce filing details & future wedding plans

Love After Lockup Clint Brady YouTube interview

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Clint Brady is a free man again! The former reality star was released from jail earlier today after serving 45 days for driving on a suspended license.

As we were the first to report, Clint managed to be productive while in jail as he officially filed for divorce from his estranged wife Tracie Brady on March 3. There has been a bit of confusion surrounding the divorce filing, and Clint participated in a YouTube Live interview on the night of his release to clarify things.

Clint backs up his girlfriend Gen’s claim that divorce papers were initially sent to Tracie’s mother’s residence months ago, but they were returned. He also claims that there was some negotiations with Tracie about the divorce. Tracie reportedly wanted her ring back, as well as some clothes she left in their residence in New Mexico.

After the documents were returned and the negotiations stalled, Clint filed for a divorce by default on March 3. The day after the divorce filing, Clint added a restraining order. He says in the interview that the restraining order is currently active and it prohibits Tracie from even mentioning his name.

A viewer asks Clint when the divorce from Tracie will be finalized, and he says that it should be in early May. Another viewer asked what would happen if Tracie protested the divorce, and Clint replied that he didn’t really know.

As far as Clint’s current situation and his plans for the future, he says that he and Gen will be staying in a hotel room for a couple of nights. They will begin apartment hunting either tomorrow or the next day.

Unfortunately for Clint, his jail sentence was a bit unexpected and he was unable to give his former employer two weeks notice. As a result, he lost his job. So, in addition to apartment hunting, he will also hit the pavement looking for work.

Clint says he has not smoked marijuana since his release, and he plans to remain completely sober for the foreseeable future.

Getting past the foreseeable future, Clint says he and Gen have discussed marriage and they currently plan to tie the knot some time in mid-May. That date is not in stone, however.
Clint says that he and Gen plan to live together when they find an apartment, but it is still unclear if Gen’s daughters will live with them. He says that will be their decision.
On a side note, Clint turns 40 years old on March 18. Happy early birthday Clint!

Here is the full interview via Gen and the Wolfpack on YouTube. There’s A LOT more that I didn’t cover here, including Clint expressing regret at nicknaming Tracie his “goddess,” his history of drug use, his second wife, his Grindr account, and whether or not he called Tracie from jail like she recently claimed! (SPOILER: Clint says he didn’t call her, and adds that he doesn’t even know if she has a phone.)


I wanted to clarify some things about how this divorce story played out. I was working on a story about the divorce filing last Wednesday when I noticed an older Instagram DM from Tracie’s manager, Lily.
The DM was from February and was inquiring as to whether or not we wanted to interview Tracie. I responded by indicating that I would love to have an open line of communication with Tracie going forward, and I mentioned that I was currently working on the divorce filing story.

Lily and Tracie were unaware of the divorce filing, and Tracie agreed to share a statement for the article. “I am surprised that he filed for divorce only a week ago because I have been told he filed months ago,” Tracie said. “I was told by his friend that the papers were sent to my mother’s house and my mother was called a liar for saying she never received them.”

After the story was published, I spoke with Clint’s girlfriend Gen Bailey who provided her side of the story. Gen claimed that Clint did try to send divorce papers late last year, and they were returned. Once that failed, Gen says that Clint’s parents paid for an attorney to file for a divorce by default. That is what was filed on March 3.

I added a brief summary of Gen’s comments to our original post, and that resulted in Tracie BLOWING UP on social media:

Love After Lockup Tracie Wagaman Starcasm posts

Tracie’s main complaint was that we included comments from Gen when she wasn’t directly involved in the divorce. She was also upset that we didn’t offer proof of Gen’s claims about divorce papers being mailed to her mother. Apparently this second issue is a HUGE point of contention for Tracie.

Gen did provide photos of the original paperwork that was allegedly sent, including the returned envelope originally sent from Clint’s divorce attorney. I didn’t add the photos to the article because it seemed ridiculously superfluous.

As far as Tracie being upset that we spoke with Gen, that’s pretty easy to explain. Clint was in jail, so I couldn’t talk with him. Gen had information about the divorce filing that wasn’t available via the court website. Tracie didn’t even know about the divorce filing, and I was willing to include her input as well.

The most important takeaway from all of this is that Clint and Tracie are clearly toxic for one another. I think we can all agree that the quicker this divorce goes through, the better it will be for everyone involved.

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