2022 Love After Lockup Season 7 spoilers for every couple!

Love After Lockup Season 7 cast Premieres December 16 2022

The brand new season of Love After Lockup is underway as viewers meet four new couples and catch up with two familiar couples. (Click here for details on the entire cast, including photos and bios.)

For those impatient viewers looking for some Love After Lockup spoilers, we have a few courtesy of WE tv. The network has released episode synopses for the first five episodes of Season 7, and they reveal quite a bit about how some of the story lines are going to develop.

NOTE: As we’ve stated in many of our previous Love After Lockup stories, WE tv breaks down the seasons of the show in a way that makes absolutely no sense. For example, the first episode of the current season is listed as Season 4, Episode 31.

We’ve committed to a different breakdown of seasons based on cast turnover and time between groups of episodes. According to those conventional standards, this is the seventh season of the original Love After Lockup series. You can get a pretty good idea of how we break down the seasons by scrolling through our inmate charts showing which inmates have been released, arrested again, etc.

“The Jeweler and the Thief”

Gabby battles her in-laws and plans a secret release day wedding; Justine meets her hubby for the first-time outside prison walls; a reformed ex-con fears his locked up lady could spell trouble; a jeweler falls for a bank robber.

“Married At Release”

Gabby marries Chris on his release day and causes tension; surprise guests threaten Monique’s plans; jeweler Ashley is terrified to tell the truth about her bank-robbing boyfriend; Justine and Michael’s sexy reunion as husband and wife.

“Sex, Lies & Prison Wives”

Monique clashes with Derek’s sisters at his release; Gabby’s revelation stuns her mother; Ashley and Travis enjoy a romantic rendezvous; Michael has a tearful family reunion, but Justine flips when he invites a new guest.

“Ditched & Dismissed”

Gabby ditches Chris when she discovers his lies; Justine and Michael’s mom get heated at a family reunion; Skylar is shocked by Nathan’s behavior at her release; Derek has an unexpected visitor during Monique’s romantic dinner.

“Felons 4 Life”

Skylar fears the worst when Nathan goes missing; a mysterious car chase threatens Monique and Derek; Ashley plans a romantic date, but keeps a secret; Michael’s music manager pushes Justine’s buttons; Cameron hatches a wild plan at his re-release.

New episodes of Love After Lockup air Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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