LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Clint officially files for divorce from his goddess Tracie

Love After Lockup Clint Brady files for divorce from Tracie Wagaman

Their love managed to survive a stolen rental car, numerous tossed iPhones, several arrests, and even mother f***in’ crack… But it was all for naught as Love After Lockup star Clint Brady has officially filed for divorce from his goddess, Tracie. And he managed to do it while in jail!

According to court records, Clint filed the Complaint For Divorce Without Children in Ohio on March 3. The complaint was accompanied by a temporary restraining order filed the following day. (I do not have a copy of the restraining order yet.)

In case you missed it, Clint is currently in jail serving a 45-day sentence for driving on a suspended license. I guess it’s good that he’s being productive while serving time!

Court records indicate that the complaint and the restraining order were sent to Tracie via certified mail, but it had Clint’s address in Ohio? Maybe they need to go through Clint’s girlfriend first? The tracking number says that the documents were scheduled to be delivered to Clint’s address on Tuesday, but the “delivery failed.”

The divorce filing comes after months of rumors about an official divorce. There were reported divorce documents circulating online, and claims that they were sent to Tracie’s mother. We reached out to Tracie for her reaction to the divorce filing, and she referenced those rumors.

“I am surprised that he filed for divorce only a week ago because I have been told he filed months ago,” Tracie tells us. “I was told by his friend that the papers were sent to my mother’s house and my mother was called a liar for saying she never received them.”

Assuming that Tracie does eventually receive the divorce documents, what then? “When and if I get the papers I will have my attorney review them,” she says.

Filing for divorce wasn’t the only legal issue Clint took care of while in jail as he had a court appearance on Monday for his DUI charge. The judge sentenced Clint to 36 days in jail, but also credited him with 36 days for time served.

Clint didn’t get off completely however. He wound up owing the court more than $700. He was past due on a previous bill for more than $300, but he looks to have completely paid up as of Wednesday.

According to my math, Clint should be getting out of jail next week.

UPDATE – We spoke with Clint’s girlfriend Gen Bailey who tells us that he did attempt to send Tracie the divorce papers months ago via her mother, but they were returned. She also says she emailed the documents to Tracie, but there were some negotiations that broke down and resulted in her not signing them. Clint’s parents then paid for an attorney to file for a divorce by default. There is a reported 60-day wait before the divorce is finalized. Gen tells us that Clint just wants to move on, which is hopefully something that he and Tracie can agree on.

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