90 DAY FIANCE Jordan and ex-husband Louis clash on Instagram

90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise Jordan Mason and ex-husband Louis Thoms fight on Instagram

As we previously reported, 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise star Jordan Mason was married and divorced during the time that she has known her Caribbean lover Everton. The marriage and divorce has not come up on the show, but it just came up on Jordan’s Instagram — BIG TIME!

Jordan’s ex-husband, Louis, jumped on Jordan’s Instagram account Saturday night and absolutely blasted her in the comments! In addition to claiming that Jordan was sending Everton money when they were married (unbeknownst to Louis at the time), he also makes numerous jokes about Jordan’s plastic surgeries and her felony arrest.

To set the stage a bit, Jordan was arrested and charged with two felony counts of tampering with a witness stemming from an armed home invasion in March of 2011.

After Starcasm broke the news about Jordan’s arrest, she shared an Instagram story post with our photo of her mug shots and wrote: “Now the world knows I was RAISED BY GANGSTAS.”

In response to criticism from Cayman Islands news outlet Cayman Marl Road, Jordan added: “Keep chirping simpleton 🐥 You’d never survive… or THRIVE in these streets.”

90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise Jordan Mason says she was raised by gangstas

For those of you curious about the timeline, Jordan says at the time she was filming for the show that she met Everton “12 years ago.” That would likely mean they met in 2010.

It’s unclear when Jordan and Louis were married, but she filed for divorce on February 16, 2016. That was less than a year after Jordan bought her current home in July of 2015.

Jordan recently took out two home equity lines of credit, and she claims to have spent $600,000 on property in the Cayman Islands. She also claims that she has a power of attorney in place giving Everton rights to the purchased land.

The interactions between Jordan and her ex-husband Louis are so rich, that it wouldn’t be right to attempt to edit them. Therefore, we will present them in their entirety — including Jordan’s Instagram story post promoting the drama.

Jordan Mason and ex-husband Louis fight

LOUIS: 😂😂😂 she’s a joke, definitely not a gangsta although yes, she’s a convicted felon. She was raised in Coppell Texas, her dad was a doctor, typical suburb white girl. Who am I? Oh I’m Jordan’s ex husband. She’s been paying his bills since before her and I were together. Why does she stay with him? Cause she does the same things. Don’t let her fool you. She would send him money every month, money that I worked for, but didn’t tell me she was doing it. Also, she never told Everton that she was married 😂😂 she can’t get mad at him (way to go Everton though!! The longest scam in history 😂) she’s just as shady. She’s a fake SJW, is bipolar and even after her surgeries doesn’t look good. I was laughing my ass off when I saw she was on the show 😂 caymanmarlroad you’re correct. When she gets out of yoga she listens to rap on the way to lulu lemon, that’s about as gangsta as she gets lol

COMMENTER1: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it she deserves everything she’s getting. I hope he takes her right to bankruptcy.

JORDAN: @COMMENTER1 You are so right about that! I am enjoying a pretty sweet life. Enjoy the show!


JORDAN: Do you still have my name tattooed on your neck?! This is F***ING INCREDIBLE 😂😂😂

LOUIS: Money hungry gangsta 😂😂 on probation for talking to someone 😂 chill out.

JORDAN: Oh you wanna make it public? Sorry you didn’t cut it.

LOUIS: They should rename the show for you and call it “15 year fiance and still single af” 😂😂

LOUIS: @COMMENTER1 I got full nudes of her before the surgeries if anyone is interested. I’ll trade for a pack of now and laters 😂

JORDAN: Your bitterness is showing. I’m sorry not sorry you weren’t man enough for me.

LOUIS: And your boy looks hungry. You ain’t feeding him or what cause he definitely ain’t spending your money for food 😂

LOUIS: Any man that wants to be with you, clearly hasn’t met you!! 😂

JORDAN: I mean, look at your obsession. It’s greatly disturbing but I obviously made a mark on you.

LOUIS: Was that one of their names? Mark? Was he pre plastic surgery or post op? You got a brand new face but I hope you kept the receipt cause I’m seeing a few manufacturer defects 😂

90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise Jordan Mason and ex-husband Louis Thoms on Instagram

COMMENTER2: Guys why are you doing this publicly? 🫣

JORDAN: @COMENTER2 I needed a lil’ drama for the internet but agreed. Can you let him know this is not a good look?

COMMENTER3: you are the queen of seeking out toxicity.

JORDAN: @COMMENTER3 I mean, you came to me….. and won’t leave so Imma let you stay because you need it but I’m above it ✌🏻

COMMENTER3: What does that have to do with anything here?

LOUIS: @COMMENTER3 she doesn’t seek it, she creates it.

JORDAN: So it seems I legit need a restraining order because 8 years still isn’t long enough for you to move on.

LOUIS: That’s what them thugs do, get restraining orders 😂 no this is too good to be true! The fact that you’re on the show AND getting cheated on is like Christmas.

JORDAN: The fact you believe TV proves the brain damage from meth really isn’t reversible 🤷🏻‍♀️

LOUIS: Well thanks for confirming that at least part of the show is fake, much like half your body lol and although that may be fake, much like your claims to be gangsta, the fact that you’ve been supporting him for 10+ years is not 😂

JORDAN: Louis, I’m done with you. Just like our relationship. At least you’re showing the world why I left. Good night.

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