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Is Derick Dillard homophobic 1

VIDEO Derick Dillard claims he loves all people after The View trashes his recent homophobic comments

Former Counting On participant Derick Dillard is attempting to make nice after lashing out at TLC stars Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent with a string of widely condemned tweets. Derick claimed he “loves all people” after getting trashed on national television by the hosts of The View but his followers aren’t taking Derick’s words at face value.

Whoopi Goldberg warns women not to hit men because they’ll hit back

The controversy involving NFL football player Ray Rice’s suspension and then ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith getting suspended for his views on the matter have opened up an interesting debate on the long-existing idea that “a man should never hit a woman.” See Whoopi Goldberg in a shouting match on The View as she says that women should not be surprised if they get struck by a man that they have hit.

The View’s Sherri Shepherd files police report after Twitter rape threat

The View’s Sherri Shepherd is fighting back against a Twitter bully who was sending her threatening tweets. Shepherd’s Twitter account lit up when she decided to retweet another user’s message that suggested someone should rape her. Sherri was so outraged by what she was receiving she took it one step further by filing a police report against the user. See the highlights from Sherri’s Twitter feed and get the identity of the user that was bullying her.