Kate Gosselin Cohosts the View – Talks about Patrick Swayze, Jon, Dr. Phil, sports new hairstyle

Kate Gosselin sports a new, softer look Tuesday on The View

Kate Gosselin sports a new, softer look Tuesday on The View

On the eve of Patrick Swayze’s death Kate Gosselin co-hosted her second day on the View sporting a new, softer-looking, wavy style of her oddly-cut hair. The new style is actually really cute and make her features look softer, brings out her eyes.

Whoopi was very close with Swayze, and Barbara Walters gave his last interview, which will air again tonight at 10p.m. on ABC. They both spoke about their relationships with Swayze and Whoopie expressed her belief again in the idea behind the movie Ghost, which she co-starred with Swayze in and won an Oscar for, that the spirit does exist after death, and that love is the one thing you take with you when you die. Whoopi described him as a fighter who chose to live every day of his life instead of focusing on dying. His argument for this viewpoint was wise: we’re all already dying.

Even though they probably wanted to spend the whole episode talking about and celebrating Patrick Swayze’s life, they had to move on to Kate Gosselin. She’s still wearing her wedding ring, but told a story about how she recently addressed the situation with her kids. She told them she would take off her ring soon and promised to wear another pretty ring, and to not marry “another daddy” for a long time. She also assured her kids that Jon Gosselin would be their daddy forver.

They brought up the fact that Jon said on national television that he “despised her,” and she said she would not return the favor, because she “a high-road taker.”

Dr. Phil showed up to talk about the meeting with Jon and Kate, which Jon described as just a counseling session on how to keep the Gosselin’s “brand” going strong. Dr. Phil refrained to comment on the meeting, saying it was a “friend thing,” and saying he was closer to Kate than Jon. Dr. Phil does think that reality shows destroy marriages, and Kate interjected to iterate her believe that her marriage would have been over whether they had a reality show or not.

Dr. Phil also denied rumors that he’s feuding with the woman who made him, Oprah. He will appear for the first time in 7 years on her show.

~ Carrie Glass

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