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Clint Harp’s Fixer Upper spin-off, ‘Against the Grain,’ set to premiere on DIY

How old is Clint Harp? How did he get started in the woodworking trade? How big is his family? And is he getting his own show? The Fixer Upper mainstay and craftsman extraordinaire has a brand-new pilot, Against The Grain, which airs tonight on HGTV. Though an entire series hasn't yet been confirmed, Clint says he's astonished to have made it as far as he has in such a short time–especially since had a completely different life only a few years ago! Read on to find out more about Against the Grain, and to get answers to all your Clint Harp-related questions.

Are Joanna Gaines and Jen Hatmaker related? Who are Joanna’s parents?

Joanna Gaines and Jen Hatmaker have a lot of things in common. They're both Texans; they both have popular blogs and home renovation shows (though, to be fair, Joanna's is juuust a bit better-known); they're both devout Christians and loving mothers to large families. Apparently, though, the similarities are significant enough that a number of Gaines' and Hatmaker's fans have begun asking: Are Joanna Gaines and Jen Hatmaker related? Read on to find out a bit more about what more the two women have in common, and to learn about Joanna's parents.

Mother-Daughter DIY team the focus of HGTV’s new show Good Bones

HGTV is banking on the charm of mother-daughter combo Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak to bring viewers in and on their skill as house flippers to keep those viewers hooked. The Indianapolis-based pair is set to debut their brand-new show on the network; read on to find out more about Karen and Mina, including their backgrounds, how their business got started in the first place, and what to expect from Good Bones Season 1!

How much would it cost to decorate your house like a Fixer Upper reveal?

What's the unofficial Fixer Upper reveal cost? How much will a  Fixer Upper reveal set you back? It's Tuesday, December first, which means that the hashtag #seasonthreeiscoming is officially retired: we've moved on to #seasonthreeishere! HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper will premiere all-new episodes starting tonight at 9 PM EST. In order to help celebrate, we thought we would try to answer another burning Fixer Upper-based question–namely, that of the reveal cost of the homes featured on the show.

Do the families on HGTV’s Fixer Upper get to keep the furnishings?

HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper features a new renovation each week, and an elegant, seemingly effortless remodel as well. Co-host Joanna Gaines provides the weekly furnishings from Magnolia Market, her Waco TX remodel shop. UPDATE: Joanna herself recently addressed this question in a Q&A session on her blog. Read on to find out what she said!