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Kylie Jenner is secretly recording an album of “chill hip hop” with boyfriend Tyga

Kylie Jenner has yet another project on her full plate. The 17-year-old is taking time out to visit a secluded Los Angeles recording studio with boyfriend Tyga. But she's not there to support his musical endeavors: Kylie's got her own dreams of music superstardom. Find out what she's up to, and when you can expect to see a debut album by Kylie Jenner available for purchase.

Blac Chyna’s mom Ms. Toni calls Kris Jenner pimpstress, continues anti-Kardashian tirade

On Friday Blac Chyna appeared to be attempting to call a truce with her ex (and father of her son King) when she tweeted, "Tyga I forgive you ! Im over the drama ....." It seems her mom, Ms. Tokyo Toni, didn't get the memo as she continued her earlier tirade against the Kardashian family by calling Kris Jenner a "pimpstress," the Kardashians "perverts," and Tyga a "real jerk" in a comments made on Instagram over the weekend.