PHOTOS Is Kylie Jenner engaged? These Instagram ring photos say maybe

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The question remains before us: Is Kylie Jenner engaged? And we can add a second one: Did Kylie just pull a huge wink in front of her millions of fans? The weeks of speculation over her potential engagement to Tyga could be over, after Kylie shared not one, not two, but three ring photos on Instagram. And she did so in a particularly bold manner: none of the photos are “Oops, I forgot I had my ring on”-style slipups; they’re all about the ring. And the bling. First, the evidence:


Kylie Gram Style Two


Kylie Gram Style One


Kylie Gram Style


The third of the trio–the photo directly above–is from Thursday; the other two are from Friday, just hours ago. Speculation over Kylie’s potential top-secret engagement to Tyga has been rampant ever since the highly visible couple got back together just a couple of weeks ago. And speculation that she’s pregnant with Tyga’s child has been on the upswing all year–especially since, after the two did get back together, Tyga told close friends that he wanted to “put a baby in [Kylie]” as soon as she turns eighteen.

Kylie’s eighteenth birthday is August 10–a Monday, this year. She’s already promised a huge, blowout-style party for the occasion. But did she just jump the gun on the biggest part of the announcement? What do you think? The ring on her middle finger definitely does not look like an engagement ring, traditional or otherwise. The one on her ring finger, on the other hand, could very well be an engagement band of some kind…


(Photo credits: K-Jen via Instagram)

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