Tyga offers former model $50,000 in hush money for sex assault case

Tyga Huh

Tyga and Kylie Jenner are as eager as can be for Kylie’s 18th birthday, when the pair can finally make their relationship both public and official. In the meantime, though, Tyga has a sexual battery case to deal with, and an apparent $50,000 payment of hush money he made to keep things quiet.

According to a new report, model Allison Brown sued Tyga for sexual battery in September of 2013. The lawsuit claims that Tyga “coerced young and impressionable under-age women to pose nude” during the video shoot for his song “Make It Nasty.”

Overall, it’s a lengthy and somewhat disturbing claim:

[Brown was] invited to the location of a music video — a large mansion in the Hollywood Hills—where she, and a group of similarly situated women [were] served unlimited amounts of alcohol….After hours of being encouraged to drink (without verification of the victim’s age) the victim is summoned to the room where the scene is filmed. After one or two takes, the director and the crew members (I.e. Camera operators) encourage the victim to remove her clothing. Still under the influence of alcohol, the victim is successfully pressured to remove her clothing contingent on the promise that her intimate areas (I.e., nipples) will be ‘edited out’….Defendant Tyga, shirtless, was the centerpiece of the scene, where girls were asked to dance in a sexually suggestive manner on and around him while Tyga’s song ‘Make It Nasty’ was played as background music and Ms. Brown was told to dance with the music…


The lawsuit was settled in court last December, and, while the settlement was kept sealed, details have leaked out now–because Tyga hasn’t lived up to his end of the bargain.

According to the terms of the settlement, Tyga was to pay $50,000 to Brown within 20 days of the agreement being signed. The date both parties signed was January 26 of this year, and, one week later, Brown received money–but only half of the $50,000. The payment came with a letter that read, in part, “$25,000 payment has been wired today to your firm’s trust account and you will receive it tomorrow. I am working on obtaining information regarding the remaining $25,000.”

Almost five months later, Brown has yet to receive the remaining $25,000.

This isn’t the only time in recent weeks that Tyga’s made headlines for financial reasons. He’s also far behind in his rent–the 25-year-old owes his Calabasas landlord $80,000 in back payments, which, with interest and penalties, comes out to a debt of $124,000. That debt was due to the landlord by Monday, June 29th; no word yet on whether Tyga paid up.

(Photo credits: Tyga via Instagram)

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