Kylie and Tyga set a date to elope

Kylie underwear


Kylie and Tyga are going to elope. And they’ve even set a date! Most couples just run off when they want to elope, but Kylie isn’t yet legal. So that’s not really an option for them. It sounds weird to say that a couple has “set a date” for their elopement, but very little about Kylie and Tyga’s relationship is conventional or straightforward.

According to the latest updates, Kylie and Tyga are going to elope come August. That makes sense–Kylie will turn 18 on August 10th, so the couple could easily skip out for quick maritals around that time. (Above, Kylie wears Tyga’s underwear.) What’s less-expected and less-known is the location of this alleged elopement. Kylie isn’t yet of legal marrying age in California, but the age of consent in Nevada is 16. And Kylie has been at least 16 for almost two full years. Plus, Tyga is 25 years old. So the pair is almost legal–together–in every Western state.

It seems that one relevant question, then, is whether Kylie and Tyga intend to duck out of Calabasas CA a few days before Kylie’s 18th birthday, and take their eloping party to Las Vegas, where they can already get married legally. Then, they could spent Kylie’s birthday weekend (or birthday week) gallivanting about that desert city, killing newlywed time before returning to California safely legal after the 10th of August.

Or maybe they’ll never come back. More than one friend of the pair has said they intend to strike out for their own locale after getting married. That’s right–Kylie and Tyga intend to quit LA for good. “They are making plans to quit LA for a brand new life away from her family and his baby mamma, Blac Chyna,” says the friend. “Kylie is done with the constant criticism and micro-management from her family, especially Kim, and she’s dead set on going her own way as soon as possible.”

It certainly seems like Kylie has been laying the foundation for a life together with her current boyfriend. Kylie and Tyga are in talks to start their own reality show together, as a Kardashian-styled spinoff. They’re also hanging out in a Los Angeles recording studio, so Kylie can record an album of “chill hip hop” under Tyga’s direction.

Of course, Kylie also owns a $2.7 million mansion in Calabasas. Unless she’s willing to put it up on the market–quickly–it seems a little unlikely that she’ll be quitting town by August.


(Photo credits: Kylie and Tyga via Instagram, Snapchat)