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Giada de Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are getting married? New rumors uncover alleged plans

Are Giada de Laurentiis and Bobby Flay...getting married? The thought may seem like a stretch, which is exactly why the latest spate of gossip regarding the alleged couple has shocked so many onlookers. According to persistent rumor, the celebrity chefs are not only together–they're planning a secret wedding and using decoy boyfriends and girlfriends to keep things under wraps. What's going on here? Read on for the details...

Is Bobby Flay dating January Jones?

Now that Giada de Laurentiis is taken, rumors about Bobby Flay dating are flying faster and furiouser than salty insults across a Kitchen Stadium set during an Iron Chef taping. The most prominent of these focuses on Flay and an alleged old flame–one with whom he may have had a relationship during the final years of his marriage to Stephanie March. Is Bobby Flay dating January Jones? Read on to see what folks are saying...

Giada de Laurentiis opens up about post-divorce life, doesn’t dismiss Bobby Flay dating rumors

The latest Giada de Laurentiis dating rumors come straight from the chef's mouth–and they came complete with a coy grin. Giada dropped by The Wendy Williams Show today to promote Happy Cooking, her newest cookbook, and dished on the many Giada de Laurentiis dating rumors in the process. Is she finally ready to admit she is (or isn't) with Food Network co-star Bobby Flay?

PHOTO Bobby Flay humiliated by naked dancers painted with the word ‘Cheater!’

The "Bobby Flay naked dancers" fiasco has gone viral–probably because people can't figure out exactly what in the heck happened to Flay at the New York Food and Wine festival this past weekend. The Times Square Desnudas, a group of topless women who pose for photos and sometimes dance with tourists, were hired to parade past Flay with the word "Cheater!" emblazoned on each of their chests. Why? And who hired them to do this? The plot thickens like a good southwestern chili...

Are Giada de Laurentiis and Bobby Flay moving in together? Recent real estate deals fuel speculation

Are Giada de Laurentiis and Bobby Flay moving in together? Recent divorces–and near-identical real estate transactions–have observers wondering if the pair are taking a plunge. There's still no confirmation of the countless "Giada de Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are dating" rumors, but speculation is swirling–come on in and take a look at the latest.