More evidence of Bobby Flay’s many, many affairs comes to light in court documents

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Bobby Flay and Stephanie March are getting a divorce. One of the reasons for the divorce is Flay’s infidelity. Now, thanks to legal documents recently made public-slash-unearthed, we know a little bit more about how much infidelity Bobby Flay committed, as well as a little bit more about the nature of the nasty proceedings, which more than one publication has called “insane.”

First of all, the background: Bobby Flay and Stephanie March have been having “problems” for awhile. Minor stuff, though, like Flay sending his personal assistant instead of coming himself when March was hospitalized following a burst appendix. Or the two of them not spending their ten-year anniversary together this past February because Flay was at a wine festival.

Also because Bobby Flay had a “torrid” three-year affair with Elyse Tirrell, a 28-year-old chef who’s worked for the 50-year-old Flay for some time. According to Stephanie March’s friend Maia Madison, March was completely devastated when she found out about Tirrell and Flay, but had suspected something foolish for some time:


She came to my house and was sobbing uncontrollably. She said, ‘I can’t believe the last 10 years of my life have been a lie.’ Elyse had always seemed so nervous when Stephanie came to one of the restaurants, and Stephanie, not knowing what was happening, went out of her way to compliment her and try to make her more comfortable. Elyse had even been to Stephanie’s home when she was there—and when she wasn’t.


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Then there was the fling that Flay with Mad Men star January Jones. The pair were spotted together in Las Vegas as far back as January of 2010, and apparently looked quite cozy–even downright intimate. According to the eyewitness who first spotted them,


They were both in the booths where the fireplace was. At the Peppermill, the fireplace area is where the ‘couples’ usually sit. They were sitting very close to each other, talking, laughing, and slight touching involved. It looked a lot like they were just flirting back and forth with each other. They looked like they were an item. I thought maybe his wife and him had gotten a divorce but I checked online to my surprise that he was still married?


According to March, though, this encounter wasn’t just a one-time, hand-holding, laughing-together type of friendship. The divorce papers her lawyer has filed allege that Flay and Jones “had sex many times and in different places, including the London Hotel in Los Angeles.”

Beyond that, there’s widespread speculation regarding Bobby Flay and fellow Food Network celebrity Giada de Laurentiis. Both filed for divorce from their spouses within a month of each other, and there have been rumors about the two since at least Giada’s drunken appearance on the Food Network Thanksgiving special two years ago. Nothing in March’s divorce papers mentions Giada by name, but the references to “other women” have raised eyebrows in light of recent sightings of Bobby and Giada together, holding hands under the table at a restaurant, and–very allegedly–carving their initials into the table.

One particularly strange mention in the divorce papers has nothing to do with affairs. According to March, Bobby Flay gave her a racehorse named “Dad’s Crazy” as a fourth anniversary gift. Then, “Dad’s Crazy” (which, sadly, isn’t a reference to Flay, as he has no children with March) went on to win $130,000, all of which Flay kept for himself. Then, Flay sold the horse at auction for $60,000, and kept that money, as well. Flay, via his attorney, has denied keeping any horse-based money.

The latest round in the battle occurred this week, during the dedication creremony for Flay’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During his acceptance speech, a plane flew overhead, trailing a banner that said, simply, “CHEATER.” There’s footage of the event:



March denies having anything to do with the banner.


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