Cardi B leaving Love & Hip Hop: LHHNY star plans to depart ‘after one more season’

Cardi B leaving Love & Hip Hop 2

Cardi B leaving Love & Hip Hop? Say it ain’t so! Unfortunately for fans of the outspoken LHHNY star, the upcoming season of the show might be her last. The clear breakout star of the newest cast members shocked viewers from coast to coast when she revealed her intentions in a brand-new interview.

Before we get to Cardi’s heartbreaking comments, though, here’s a quick rundown of just some of the eye-popping things she said over the past year. Foremost among those is probably when she wondered about Peter Gunz’s “d!ck game” following the news that he managed to get both Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly pregnant *and* stay married to Amina at the same time. Cardi also kept herself in the headlines with her plans of a grand prison wedding to her incarcerated boyfriend; and, after a string of supposedly conjugal visits, she sparked rumors that she was pregnant and would drop the news during the reunion.

The Cardi B pregnancy didn’t come to pass (or, more specifically, it hasn’t yet). However, rumors of Cardi B leaving Love & Hip Hop might have a bit more substance to them, if her recent interview with Hot 97 is to be believed. According to the woman herself, she “kind of misses being able to talk reckless without having a thousand people a day criticize” her. She’s also tired of being “portrayed as someone she’s not”–namely, as an emo queen.

Here’s the full interview. If you have the time, it’s well worth a listen: this is Cardi B, after all!

It does seem a bit suspect that Cardi B would ditch the massive musical platform that is Love & Hip Hop after just two seasons. Now that she’s given up stripping and is trying to make it as a rapper, what better means could there be for her to get wide exposure for her music?

Speaking of which, Cardi guests on J.R.’s newest track, “Gimme Head Too.” The video has just been released:

VH1 has yet to announce the premiere date for Love & Hp Hop New York Season 7.

(Photo credits: Cardi B leaving Love & Hip Hop via Instagram)

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