Nathan Griffith linked to Ashley Madison account; Jenelle Evans reacts

Nathan Griffith Ashley Madison Account

Teen Mom 2‘s Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans never made it down the aisle, but, while they were dating, Nathan was reportedly trolling for strangers on Ashley Madison.

Multiple sources report Nathan’s email address,, was linked to an Ashley Madison account created in May or June of this year. At the time, he was on a break from Jenelle.

“He was separated from Jenelle,” one insider who confirmed the email address was legitimate told Radar Online. “But he was seeing [his new girlfriend] Jessica. He claimed he made [the account] because he couldn’t remember his gmail password and was locked out of his old email.”

Jenelle isn’t surprised: “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” she said. “I think he embarrasses himself and whoever associated with him, especially the girl he’s with now because supposedly she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. But Nathan does.”

Nathan first denied the email account was his. Then he backtracked and said he just didn’t want to comment. When a Twitter follower suggested that Jenelle created the account to get back at Nathan, Jenelle said Nathan should have flat-out denied it if that was the case.

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