MUG SHOTS Britany Truett, Brittany Maggard arrested for Teen Mom Jenelle Evans fight

Britany Truett and Brittany maggard were arrested for their roles in the Jenelle Evans fight

At this pace the whole teenage population of North Carolina may get arrested for the already infamous Teen Mom Jenelle Evans fight video!  We already posted up Jenelle’s mug shots from her arrest but now the girl on the other side of Jenelle’s hay-makers, Britany Truett, was also arrested as was the girl who initially pushed Evans into Britany, Brittany Maggard!

Jenelle’s lawyer told TMZ that it appears as if Jenelle was set up which launches a myriad of possible conspiracy theories.  My best guess is that many who were there egged on the situation in hopes of selling the video afterward, which obviously happened.  You can see the clip of the fight here.

The common charge on all three of the ladies, Jenelle (puncher), Britany (receiver of Jenelle’s punches) and Brittany (the girl who initially pushed Jenelle into the other Britany) is for “affray for fighting.”  Evans was also charged with assault.  According to Splashnews their bonds were all set at $500.00.  Truett and Evans are scheduled to appear at Kieffer Delp’s house, I mean the Brunswick County Courthouse, on April 26th.

Here are the full images of the Britany, Brittany mug shots:

Britany Truett:

Britany Truett arrest photo for her involvement in the Teen Mom Jenelle Evans fight

Brittany Maggard:

Brittany Maggard mug shot for her involvement in the Teen Mom Jenelle Evans fight

All mug shots:

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