90 DAY FIANCE Noon’s cosmetics company shuts US doors, calls Americans sheep, blames millennials in bizarre rant

90 Day Fiance Noon Beau Thai Ful Cosmetics Beau'Thai'Ful

Fan favorite 90 Day Fiance alum Bajaree “Noon” Boonma shared the exciting news back in October that she was launching her own cosmetics company. Noon’s new Beau’Thai’Ful line offered makeup and skin care products that it claimed were high quality but lower in price — thanks in part to being manufactured in Noon’s home country of Thailand.

Noon and the company’s marketing team did a lot of promoting on social media, but it seems they did not get the results they wanted. The company announced on their Instagram account that they will no longer be selling their products to consumers in the United States in a lengthy rant in which they call Americans sheep and express their intention to refuse sales to millennials.

The statement accompanied a photo that could easily make the front page of the r/Im14AndThisIsDeep subreddit featuring a faceless person under three masks with logos of the most popular social media platforms. “We think this picture depicts the American consumer perfectly!” the company begins its statement. “We will be closing our Instagram account as of 6/1/2019.”

Here is the photo:

90 Day Fiance Noon cosmetics Beau Thai Ful Instagram post I'm 14 and this is deep

And more from Beau’Thai’Ful’s statement:

To all of the people who worked hard on this project and to all of the people that use our product in other countries we thank you and will continue to do business in those countries. We have come to realize that Americans would rather purchase merchandise based off of influencers (paid) and IG pictures and not the product’s quality and reasonable pricing. In our country we call this animal a sheep! To the American millenial generation we would suggest pulling your head out of your phone and go out and enjoy life and try new things it may surprise you! On a final note we are proud of our manufacturing plant in Bangkok as they continue to win awards providing custom cosmetics in SE Asia and Europe! Adios America!

The statement concluded by tagging a random assortment of Instagram accounts, including 90 Day Fiance memer @katie_not_holmes, cast member Paola Mayfield, Jeffree Star, and a few 90 Day Fiance news accounts.

The bitter and condescending announcement surprised a lot of the company’s followers, and in the comments section Beau’Thai’Ful doubled down on their condemnation of millennials by revealing they “do not want millennials business and actually will refuse orders from that demographic.” Here are those interactions:

COMMENT: I’m super confused? And I’m not a millennial. Don’t most companies pay to advertise? I JUST heard about this product from a 90 Day fan. I’d never seen or heard of it before. If we don’t hear about it online where is it advertised bc I haven’t seen it in a magazine or on tv either. I purchase a lot of skin care from amazon based on reviews there. Companies send free products to people for free honest reviews. I’d love to purchase this to try it, how long has it been out? Why not still ship orders to the US? I’m sad to see this post ?

BEAU’THAI’FUL: somehow we would like to age restrict the product so millenials could not purchase it..we did some advertising with so called influencers and all they are good for is taking money. Influencers create nothing to be honest. We feel that it is about time there was a good dose of truth thrown out there and less kissing of the behind!

COMMENT: The ignorance of this is astounding. Bashing on a main demographic as a business is a sure way for it to fail. Millennials are between the ages of 23-38. If you have been slighted by an “influencer” then deal with it appropriately and professionally. Not decide to sh*t talk possible consumers. Very embarrassing.

BEAU’THAI’FUL: please unfollow and I think we were clear we do not want millennials business and actually will refuse orders from that demographic

COMMENT: I don’t follow discriminatory businesses ❤️??‍♀️

Noon herself has yet to post about her company shutting its doors to American and millennial consumers.

As far as Noon’s exact connection to the company, their marketing materials suggest that she is the Beau’Thai’Ful CEO. The company was active on social media for more than a year before announcing Noon as their “new CEO” on October 1 of last year. But, in a YouTube video posted in October, Noon talks about “Why I started Beau’Thai’Ful and our plans for the future.”

Here’s the video:

UPDATE – Uh oh, it looks like they have deleted Noon’s video! The Beau’Thai’Ful Instagram account is now gone too. Take that American millennials!

UPDATE – Kyle responded to our story on Instagram and clarifies Noon’s relationship with Beau’Thai’Ful.

If you’re curious about what Noon and her husband “Huck” have been up to, be sure to catch up with TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: What Now? series!

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