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Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer texting and driving

We have a brand new batch of preview clips for the next episode of Teen Mom 2, which will premiere Sunday night just before the MTV Movie awards. This week’s batch of videos includes Kail receiving big news from Javi, Chelsea and Cole taking a big step, an emotional Aleeah missing her mom Leah, and Jenelle hosting a sleepless sleepover.

Here we go….

“Javi’s Heavy News”

Javi’s “heavy news” is just what you probably expected. “So, I found out today that I am deploying,” Javi tells Kail after a funny intro in which Lincoln exclaims “Puta!” repeatedly.

Kail seems shocked. “I’m not leaving right now,” Javi adds. “I still have couple of weeks to — to do what I have to do.”

“You’re for sure this is happening?” Kail asks.

“This is it,” Javi confirms. “No going back. This is for sure.”

Kail still seems in shock. “So where do we even start? What does that mean for our family until then? And how long are you going for? And will you have a date for when you come home?”

“No babe,” Javi says in response to Kail’s last question,” I won’t know that until I’m over there.”

The clip ends with Kail saying: “Ohhhhhh my gosh.”

“Chelsea and Cole Take a Big Step”

For the third week in a row, Chelsea Houska’s preview clip features her good friend Britnee! This time Chelsea isn’t sharing shocking news about Adam, but instead is revealing big positive news for her and Cole.

“Guess what?” Chelsea asks before then revealing, “We put an offer in on a house.”

Britnee seems shocked. “For me?” she jokes. (OK, I’m getting a serious Britnee crush! I want her around me 24/7 to react to things!) “Are you jumping out of your pants?”

“No, I sh!t mine,” replies Chelsea before showing Britnee some photos of the property on her phone. Chelsea says that she thought she would be in her current house for a “long time,” but not if she found exactly what she wanted — which apparently she did!

Cole says he’s already making plans involving the new house and Chelsea reveals she is anxious, adding that they do not plan on telling Aubree until the buying process moves into the next step.

As far as the new house, all we see is a blurry iPhone photo. Chelsea does share a few deets though. “There’s three bedrooms upstairs and a huge bathroom,” she says. “So we’ll just put all the kids upstairs.” Kids! Plural!

“Have a wedding in the backyard,” chimes in Cole. Chelsea just smiles real big.

“Ali Misses Her Mom” [MTV messed this title up — based on the actual clip it should be “Aleeah Misses Her Mom”]

Leah picks Ali and Aleeah up from school and in between texting and driving [looks like another long week for Leah on social media] she asks them, “Did you guys have a good week?”

Aleeah says “No” and begins to cry.

“Don’t cry, baby,” Leah says.

“You know what Ali told daddy?” Aleeah asks.


“You make us get here not late, Mommy does.”

“You’ve been getting there on time,” Leah points out.

“Yeah, but she said that,” Aleeah points out.

“Ali, why would you lie like that?” Leah asks, but Ali remains silent. “First of all, you guys have no business worrying about what time you get to school. You guys just need to school — need to go to school. Let me and you father hander — handle what time you get to school. Do you understand Ali?”

Ali still remains silent as her glasses fall off. “I have pictures proving every single — give me those damn glasses! No, we don’t get to the school right at 6:45 when the doors open, but we get there on time, and that’s all that matters. You guys shouldn’t even worry about it! Don’t even talk about it. Do you hear me Ali?”

Aleeah then reveals that Ali wouldn’t talk to her when they saw each other in the hallway at school, but it seems like there’s more on her mind than just that. After Leah sympathizes and acknowledges to Aleeah that she hasn’t had a good week, Aleeah breaks down crying and says, “I can’t help it. I missed you.”

“You missed me?” Leah asks. “But it’s OK, because you’re with me now, OK?”

“Jenelle’s Sleepless Sleepover”

Babs arrives at Jenelle’s house and notices right away that Jenelle has a busted up chin.

“So what happened to your chin?” the always-direct Babs asks.

“Nothing. I just fell,” explains Jenelle. “I came home and I fell coming out of the taxi.” [Click here for more details on Jenelle’s chinjury.]

Babs moves on. “So how was Jace this weekend? Was he good?”

Kaiser begins to cry and Jenelle kind of loses it. “Oh my god, dude, I’m not going to be able to do this! I had, like, four hours of sleep — I’m not going to be able to do this.”

“Why did you have four hours of sleep?”

“Because everyone had caffeine all night and didn’t go to sleep until, like, two in the morning.”

“Oooooo!” exclaims Babs.

“We had a little sleepover with Jace, David’s daughter, David’s sister’s son… David’s sister came. Me and him went to dinner, we came back home. they were still awake. They ordered — I ordered pizza for them, and then I had Coke in the refrigerator that was mine, and Jace was drinking it!”

Babs seems to lose the ability to speak for a moment. “I-ju-chka-woon-dee…When Jace comes, you’ve GOT TO HIDE THE COKE!”

Barbara Babs Evans Jace You've got to hide the Coke quote

Jace and Babs bail, but Jace is obviously exhausted as Babs tries to get him buckled into his car seat. “C’mon Jace,” Babs pleads, “Every time you come here you’re so mean to me.”

Things don’t get any better as Jace rips up an important document from Babs’ doctor and repeatedly moans, “I’m tired!” Things reach a head when Jace screams “SHUT UP!” He then literally kicks down the fourth wall by kicking the car’s GoPro camera.

End Scene.

We also have two bonus clips this week, both having to do with Jenelle. In the first we have Nathan Griffith discussing his inability to co-parent, and in the second, Jenelle reflects on Babs meeting David for the first time:

“Nathan Doesn’t Think He Can Coparent” [deleted scene]

“Jenelle Reflects On Barbara Meeting David”

As mentioned above, you can catch this week’s episode of Teen mom 2 a day early! It airs just before the MTV Movie awards on Sunday at 6:30/5:30c on MTV.

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