REPORT Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind got a vasectomy

Adam Lind Vasectomy

Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind reportedly said two kids are enough and went ahead with a vasectomy.

“Adam knows he doesn’t want any more kids, so he decided to go for it,” a source told Radar Online, explaining the 23-year-old dad had the procedure last week. “He already has more chaos than he can handle!”

As we exclusively reported last week, the father-of-two was jailed on March 23 for Failure to Appear. The arrest came immediately after he met ex Chelsea Houska in court to hash out a custody dispute about him wanting unsupervised visitation with their daughter, Aubree. His request was denied by the judge, who said Adam must stay out of legal trouble for at least six months before his request is considered.

Based on Radar‘s new report, it seems Adam decided to go ahead with the vasectomy shortly after posting $850 in bond money. The quick, out-patient procedure involves sealing off a man’s vas deferens and is considered to be an extremely effective birth control method — but only after 1-2 months, once the sperm count has dropped to zero. (So use protection until then, Adam!) WebMD cautions that, although vasectomy reversals are possible, the original procedures should only be considered by men who are “absolutely certain that you will never want to father a child.”

In addition to Aubree, Adam also has a young daughter with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur. Adam and Taylor are reportedly in the midst of a child support and custody dispute. There was a rumor he knocked up a woman named Wendy last summer, but there was never any follow-up or confirmation.

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