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On the current season of Sister Wives, the Brown family members make numerous references to the fact that they are unable to start building on Coyote Pass because they need to finish paying it off first. Actually, the truth is that they don’t want to start building until they reconfigure the existing property lines on Coyote Pass, and they can’t do that until they pay off what they owe on the parcels.

So, how much do the Browns owe on Coyote Pass? In a previous post we broke down all of the Coyote Pass financials based on the actual property records. Here is a map of the original property purchases followed by the financial break down:

Coyote Pass property division among the sister wives

From left to right:
Owners: Kody, Robyn and Christine
Price: $300,000
Paid: Full amount
Acres: 5.16
Owners: Kody, Janelle and Meri
Price: $180,000
Paid: Full amount
Acres: 4.48
Owners: Kody and Robyn
Price: $170,000
Paid: $23,800 down payment
Acres: 2.42
Owners: Kody and Janelle
Price: $170,000
Paid: $23,800 down payment
Acres: 2.42

As stated above, the Browns paid the full amount up front for the two largest properties on Coyote Pass. (I do not know if they took out a loan to do that, but that isn’t important in terms of ownership and re-drawing property lines.) For each of the two smaller properties they made down payments of $23,800 each. As a result, the total that they owed on the Coyote Pass properties when they were initially purchased in 2018 was $292,400.

There’s no way to know how much the Browns have paid down on the principal since taking out the initial property loans, so the amount that they currently owe for Coyote Pass is not known. However, it does appear that the cap is just under $300k.

It’s unclear how the family settled with Christine for removing her name from the deed on the largest property. I assume she received some sort of payout, which would likely make it more difficult to pay off what the rest of the amount the Brown family still owes.

The change of ownership documents when Christine removed her name listed an amount of $10, but that is the standard nominal fee listed on deeds and would not reflect the actual amount Christine received. From Infinity Legal:

State law requires that a deed must state that consideration was given by the grantee to the grantor. The phrase “for valuable consideration” meet the legal requirement that consideration be shown but allows the parties to retain privacy regarding the exact amount paid for the property. Basically, $10 is the number that’s generally used for the sake of complying with the law.

On a random side note, I want to point out that Robyn’s current house in Flagstaff cost more ($890,000) than the entirety of Coyote Pass ($820,000).

Coyote Pass Plans

Kody shared the Brown family’s proposed plan to redivide Coyote Pass on a recent episode. Here are the before and after images shown by TLC of the proposed new property lines:

Sister Wives Coyote Pass plans TLC

I will admit that I don’t know much at all about real estate or property development, but it seems like the Browns could start building on the current properties that they do own?

If you look at the revised property lines you will see that LOT 1, LOT 2, and LOT 3 are comprised entirely of land that the Brown family has already paid for. Can’t they just start building a house (or houses) where they eventually want them to be? And I assume that the houses will be built along the treeline, so that is all contained within the single property now owned by Kody and Robyn (after Christine removed her name).

For a FULL breakdown of the Coyote Pass property, including a financial and acreage breakdown, you can check out the video below:

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