19 KIDS AND COUNTING Jason Duggar sparks courtship rumors with multiple women

Jason Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting is “spending time with friends” in Knoxville, Tennessee… which of course means he is sparking courtship rumors. This time there are 3 eligible bachelorettes… and shockingly, 2 of them are members of the Bates family!

See all the photos causing a buzz here…

Jason Duggar Courtship Rumors

Jason Duggar, 23, is a star of 19 Kids and Counting. Part of the Duggar family, the reality series followed Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as they navigated life as members of the Institute in Basic Life Principles with 19 children.

Jason Duggar is currently single and shocking fans by defying his strict upbringing by posting shirtless thirst traps and living life outside of the Duggar compound.

THE DUGGARS Jason Duggar, 23, posts shirtless thirst trap with male friend

The reality star took a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee to “visit friends” and sparked courtship rumors when photos were posted of him with multiple potential dating options. 

The least (or possibly most?) likely is the girl featured in this photo. According to the IG tag, her name is Emma Langdon.

While she’s extremely cute and her bio mentions Christianity, it also mentions college… something the Duggar’s don’t typically encourage. Not much else is known about Langdon as her account is set to private.

Is a Duggar dating a Bates?

One of the most interesting parts of the Jason Duggar courtship rumors is that TWO of his potential suitors are members of the Bates family. The Bates family consists of Fundamentalist Christian‘s Gil and Kelly Bates who also have 19 children.

Whenever a Duggar or a Bates is courting, it is always a speculation that there could be a connection made between the two families. 

In a photo Zach and Whitney Bates posted from the Duggar’s trip to Knoxville, Jason, 23, is standing close to both Addee and Ellie Bates.

Now, the Bates girls are a little young. Addee is 17 and Ellie Bates is 16, but that’s never stopped anyone in the Duggar clan. Justin Duggar entered into a courtship with his now wife Claire Spivey at just 17 years old. (The youngest Duggar to court.)

We’ll keep you posted with updates as soon as Jason Duggar makes an official announcement. Until then, we guess he’ll be a “bachelor ’til the rapture.”

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