Hot Mess-Off: Courtney Love vs. Ke$ha at amfAR Gala

Ke$ha and Courtney Love hot mess-off at amfAR Gala

The reigning and long-standing queen of official hot messification Courtney Love was on her D- game at the amfAR Inspiration Gala held at the Museum of Modern Art in the NYC yesterday. She sported the usual haven’t slept in a week tired look and wore a revealing but not in any kind of flattering way laced wedding dress gone wrong.

Usually when Love attends an event the hot mess award is locked down but wait one minute all you fashionistas! The new contender to C-Love’s throne, the up-and-comer Hot Topic discount rack representin’ Ke$ha was on hand and she just might have out oh nooooooo’d Courtney.

This is a tough call so I’m going to provide you the judges some additional pics from which to make your decision. Here’s another side-by-side from the event that honored Michael Kors and James Franco for their dedication to fashion and AIDS research:

Ke$ha and Courtney Love are a hot mess at amfAR

Some things to consider here. Ke$ha is looking hotter in the face but she has the whole youth thing going for her and I will commend her on restraining from the Duran Duran video extra eye-makeup she’s known to rock. Each dress (?) has a train with Love’s kind of just tailing off like a frightened peacock while Ke$ha’s has a hot-pants tuxedo tails combo going. Courtney’s jewelry and clutch are more elegant and understated in contrast to her counterpart’s bedazzling faux-diamond glove look.

One more interesting comparison to help you with your final decision. Imagine if you were one of these star’s gentlemen suitors for the evening. How would their apparel stack up when seen in the graces of a beau? I just so happen to be able to answer this for you!

Ke$ha and Courtney Love are a hot mess at amfAR Gala

There you have it and so I ask you, “Who wins the hot-mess award from yesterday’s amfAR Gala; veteran Courtney Love or the rising Ke$ha?” I think in the end I lose because I still would totally date either one.