WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE Micah Plath bartends on WWHL, suggests Olivia cheated on Ethan

19 Kids and Counting star Micah Plath bartended for Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live during which he made some bombshell claims about his sister-in-law’s fidelity.

Watch the clip where Micah answers rapid fire questions that leave everyone stunned…

WWHL Oct 30

On October 30, Broadway stars Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells were guests on Andy Cohen’s Bravo hit Watch What Happens Live. Acting as the bartender was Micah Plath, 22, from Welcome to Plathville. Fans may be surprised to even see him behind the bar. When we first met the Plath family they did not even drink Coca-Cola.

Welcome to Plathville is a reality series that airs, not on Bravo, but on TLC. Fans were quick to point out that Andy Cohen typically doesn’t give this much love to someone outside of the Bravo universe, but it is easy to speculate why Micah Plath is popular with the 55 year old talk show host.

Micah Plath moved to Los Angeles in November 2021 to pursue modeling and is currently signed bySelect Model Management Miami. Despite growing up a Fundamentalist Christian, most of Plath’s photoshoots leave little to the imagination.

Micah Plath bombshell claims

The episode includes great banter between Cohen, Gad and Rannells about the state of Broadway today. At the end of the episode, Andy turns his attention to the bartender and Micah Plath starts getting questioned.

First he is asked about being a Fundamentalist, to which he asked to “come back to that one,” but he was MUCH more direct when answering the question about Ethan and Olivia Plath‘s alleged infidelities.

Andy Cohen asks “Now there have been rumors I guess online about Ethan cheating. Can you say anything about that?” to which Micah Plath drops this huge bomb:

I would honestly say it would most likely be the other way around.

The question was about the speculation that Ethan cheated on Olivia at a bar in Victoria, Minnesota. Photos surfaced that alleged to include Ethan and a mystery brunette. What Micah is suggesting is that Olivia was actually the one who was unfaithful.

PLATHVILLE Was Ethan Plath caught cheating with a mystery brunette?

Did Micah Plath just accuse Olivia Plath of cheating on his brother Ethan? The rumors are already flying from the Welcome to Plathville star’s appearance in The Clubhouse…

Welcome to Plathville is currently airing Thursday 10/9CT on TLC.

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