Two stars of Bravo’s 2009 hit reality series NYC Prep are expecting babies!

Camille Hughes Paquette and Sebastian Oppenheim from Bravo’s NYC Prep are expecting babies.

See how far they’ve come, and a few updates on each, below… 

NYC Prep

NYC Prep is a Bravo reality show that aired in 2009. Though it ended up being a one season wonder, fans have elevated it to cult status due to its Millennial nostalgia and similarity to Gossip Girl. The series followed prep school kids on the elite Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Camille Hughes Paquette pregnant

Camille Hughes is best known for being the Blair Waldorf of the NYC Prep crew. Obsessed with going to Harvard, the type-A preppy girl had her eyes on the prize. Though she never ended up in the Ivy Leagues, Hughes did go on to marry husband Michael Paquette after getting engaged TWICE during COVID-19 (She asked him first… and then he asked her!)

The happy couple is already expecting a bundle of joy due December 2023, so it turns out Camille is still very determined to achieve her goals. She posted an ultrasound photo on her Instagram page announcing her pregnancy.

Sebastian Oppenheim soon to be dad

The second NYC Prep student about to become a parent is Sebastian Oppenheim. Back in the day Seb was a lady killer, known for dating his way through Manhattan and flipping his luscious locks. Now, he works in real estate. The reality star is listed as head of real-estate at Rove on LinkedIn.

Married to foodie blogger Dining with Skyler‘s Skyler Bouchard, the two announced that they are also expecting a baby due January 2024. Bouchard works out of the Philadelphia area and produces food content for her large online audience. 

After toying with fans about the gender of their baby, the Oppenheim’s finally revealed that they are having a BOY!

Congrats to Camille and Sebastian from NYC Prep on becoming soon-to-be parents! Does anyone else feel old yet….

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