MUG SHOT PHOTO Kieffer Delp, boyfriend of Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 Kieffer Delp mug shot

Teen Mom 2 has yet to premiere and we already can’t keep up with all the drama!  In a previous profile post we provided some sleuthing info on Jenelle Evans’ new boyfriend Kieffer Delp and how the two seem to form an explosive combination.  At the time we had a few deets from Jenelle about an arrest involving the new couple but now we’ve got Delp’s mug shot to go along with Evans’ mug shot and some more specifics on the incident in question.

According to the report Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp were arrested in their hometown of Oak Island, North Carolina, in October and charged with breaking and entering, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.  As we first reported, even while pregnant it looks like Jenelle has a thing for the ganga.  She was released on $2,000 bail while Kieffer’s was set at $3,000.  They are scheduled to appear in court next week, the same week Jenelle’s show Teen Mom 2 premieres.

Meanwhile, Jenelle has lost custody of her son Jace to her mom Barbara.    In an upcoming episode the former 16 & Pregnant cast member will be shown pushing Barbara out of a doorway during a heated exchange in regards to custody of Jace.  Of the young mothers from the original Teen Mom I don’t think Amber Portwood should have been Jenelle’s guiding light.

An additional side piece of information about the reality star came from the arrest which is that Evans has a rose tattoo on her lower back.  Ink, weed and mug shots oh my!  What else can these girls get into before the show premieres on Tuesday?  Tune in here to keep up to date on all the latest mommy shenanigans for TM2.

Mug Shot:

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  • James A. Abner

    I just seen these two at the brunswick county courthouse not more than 2 hours ago. I have lived in Brunswick County for about 17 years and I can tell you there is nothing special about these two. I know about everything that go’s on in this county. And about 90% of teenagers and early 20’s to 30’s are on drugs. I would bet $50,000 dollars that 1 of these 2 are on pain pills, and I mean an addiction. It is sad that people like this get attention and have an opportunity to become famous and wealthy. They are your typical low lives in our county. If you want someone who can be a star than look no further, I am the sexiest 30 year old man in the state and dont look a day over 20. Plus I can act. What a shame.

  • Jenelle

    It was my fault not kieffers

    • Honestly Janelle……….really? I realize you are young and may make really bad decisions, but it is way past time for you to grow up and take some responsibility and start making the right choices. You, as I did have a child at a young age and the fun and games are over. I had my own horrible choices and have paid dearly for them. If you ever want a positive relationship with that gorgeous baby you need to make some drastic changes and get some real help. You are obviously NOT stupid and you are a beautiful young lady don’t let anything get in your way to do what is right for you and your son!

  • Mike

    Is Kieffer Delp came out of the closet yet??? I have proof!! Who want to buy the pictures!!