VIDEOS Teen mom Jenelle Evans uses rehab to… become a music agent?

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Jenelly Maguire movie poster

It appears that rehab is already having positive effects on Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans as the troubled teen seems to have found a potential new career as a music talent scout and agent!

Jenelle uploaded a video to Youtube (below) of a friend of hers named Julia playing guitar and singing a cover of “Breakeven” by The Script. (From the looks of the room and the furniture I am guessing the clip was recorded at the rehab facility.)

Here’s Jenelle’s Facebook introduction followed by the performance:

uploading a video to youtube soon after i edit it. its not me or jace, butttt yu should DEF watch it. ill post it on here when its done.

here’s the youtube video i was talking about :]

Not too bad! Here’s Jenelle’s description from Youtube:

my friend julia covering breakeven by the script, AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah she is really amazing. she has no fb, no twitter, no myspace, no youtube, no nothing.. lol. shes not into that sh!t. soooo, i told her i would help her. :] we are going to make more videos tonight and ill upload them.

I like where this is headed! Is it possible Jenelle might stay out in California for a little while after completing her rehab stint (if her court dates allow for it) to try her hat at this new profession? No doubt she could certainly get exposure through her thousands of fans (and you might as well tally the haters – you know they would watch too!).

Jenelle’s entrepreneurial endeavor comes just after fellow Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and Jordan Wenner launched their online Amway store and Kailyn’s baby daddy Jo Rivera released his own rap video, Farrah Abraham is working on a bio / diet tips book. And let’s not forget 16 and Pregnant’s Ashley Salazar who is turning her blogging skills into a book titled Bittersweet Blessing due out this fall! I think these young reality stars are beginning to take a page from Bethenny Frankel! How long before we’re saying one of them is worth $120 million?

My money’s on Jenelle Evans and her all-female alternative punk/hip-hop record label! It’s possible Jenelle agrees because just prior to posting the videos she made this bold statement on Facebook: “I might not be everyone’s favorite teen mom but I’m about to be, wait and see.” I can’t wait! C’mon Jenelle, show me the money!

UPDATE – Video number two is here! Jenelle wrote, “my girl julia again. :] she wrote this song herself. its great !!”

The video is titled “Sick of the Bullsh!t” and Jenelle describes it by writing, “my girl julia killinnnnn itttttt. :] now whatchu think of her?! HUH?! one of her original songs she written herself. :]”