Jenelle Eason NOT fired from Teen Mom 2, will start filming again next week

Jenelle Eason returning to Teen Mom 2 after husband David Eason was fired

After weeks of speculation we finally know for sure that Jenelle Eason WILL BE BACK on Teen Mom 2, even if it is without her husband and possibly two of her children.

The official scoop comes from Jenelle Easonologist extraordinaire The Ashley, who reveals that Jenelle’s mini reality show vacay will be over as soon as next week when she is scheduled to begin filming again.

The Ashley’s source says that the return to work was a major relief for Jenelle. “She was terrified she was being fired because no one [from the show] would talk to her for awhile!” reveals the source.

The source also confirms that Jenelle’s son Jace and mom Barbara Evans will featured prominently in Jenelle’s story line now — which was almost a necessity given that David Eason has been fired and Jenelle has stated that her son Kaiser and daughter Ensley would not be filming.

It is important to note that the upcoming filming will be included in Season 8b, which is the same season that has been filming for a while now. The Ashley does not have the scoop yet on what the cast will look like for the following full season, which makes sense because I don’t think those contracts have been negotiated yet.

I previously stated that if Jenelle was to remain on the show without David, Ensley, or Kaiser, that the most sensible thing to do would be to shift the official “Teen Mom” title from Jenelle to Barbara. Otherwise, viewers will be sold on the show capturing Jenelle’s story when all we will be seeing is a small fraction of her life. I know there is always a lot left out of “reality” shows, including Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, but that would be too much of a stretch. And Babs has been Jace’s mom since 16 & Pregnant, so I don’t think it would be a hard sell conceptually.

Is Barbara Evans replacing Jenelle Eason on Teen Mom 2?

Regardless of what happens in Season 9, Jenelle will be back to finish up what she started for Season 8b — which will be great for MTV as it will allow them a chance to film some follow up scenes addressing David’s firing.

Meanwhile, The Ashley doles out some major “P’shaw!” on a couple recent reports, including MTV supposedly freaking out over Jenelle’s new spin-off show — which is a actually just a Youtube series she’s doing called called “Off the Grid.” (Jenelle has announced the first episode will premiere this Friday, and I am guessing the final episode will also premiere this Friday — or possibly next week.) The Ahsley’s source says MTV isn’t worried at all about Jenelle’s Youtube endeavor.

And then there were the reports that MTV had completely taken Jenelle out of the loop on any future filming plans. That’s obviously untrue as she is well aware that filming is scheduled to start back up next week.

However, the Ashley did confirm Radar’s report that Jenelle tried to hit MTV up for additional money to film on “The Land.” MTV replied with a big “No thanks” though, despite having given in previously by making it rain on The Land with $15,000 extra so that they could film The Wedding. Number one, there won’t be all that much reason to film on The Land given the fact that the large majority of the Land’s populace will not be participating on The Show.

Number two, The Ashley’s source says the MTV peeps are frightened of David. “A lot of the crew was really upset and downright scared by David’s rants and don’t want to interact with him anymore,” the source reveals. “At some point [they] may have to film there, but MTV is not paying extra to do so. No way.”

Major props to The Ashley yet again for quashing all those pesky Jenelle rumors buzzing about! Y’all need to head on over there and read her post for additional deets, more source quotes, and for The Ashley’s trademark take on it all!

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