REPORT LHHH Masika Kalysha accused of child neglect after her infant daughter allegedly ate a stray Xanax tablet

Masika Kalysha baby neglect 2

Serious allegations involving Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Masika Kalysha spilled into public view this week and have apparently re-opened a major rift between Masika and two of her LHHH cast members. According to the report by Fameolous, the Masika Kalysha baby neglect rumors involve Masika’s daughter Khari finding and eating a tablet of Xanax.

The anonymous tipster on whose word the report is based report claims that Khari–whose one-year birthday is on March 29–”found [the tablet] in a friend’s bag and ate it.” The report further suggests that Masika took Khari to the hospital, but “didn’t want to stay.” When she left the hospital, “the nurses called DCFS”–the Department of Child and Family Services–and reported the child’s condition.

Shortly after the report went public, a lawyer said to be representing Masika reportedly claimed that the article violated Masika and Khari’s privacy and the entire article be taken down. However, in doing so, the lawyer appeared to confirm that the Masika Kalysha baby neglect rumors were true, if only to the extent that DCFS had begun investigating them. (So, if you want to get very specific, the lawyer’s letter could be interpreted as confirmation that the rumors themselves do exist.)

But the more immediate fallout appeared to come from two of Masika’s LHHH cast members. Apparently, both new LHHH addition Alexis Skyy and old cast member Hazel E, who’s rejoined for Season 4, refused to film the day’s scenes when they heard the Masika Kalysha baby neglect accusations. And Hazel went a step further, screengrabbing part of the original article on her Instagram page and captioning it with a taunt in a since-deleted post:

Masika Kalysha baby neglect 3

The taunt apparently brought out a truly vehement response from Masika. Here’s a second screengrab of what’s allegedly her retort–though you’ll notice that there’s no IG account name attached to the response:

Masika Kalysha baby neglect 4

Whether the accusations against Masika are true or totally bogus, it seems unlikely that they won’t get at least a little bit of attention on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4. New episodes begin airing this June.

(Photo credits: Masika Kalysha baby neglect via Instagram, Fameolous)

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  • Che

    Hazel e is so gross. And masikya is terrible if this is true.

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  • LoLo

    Things do happen no matter how over protective you are about any dangers to your child. Even the best of parents have been under these circumstances. BUT, with that said, if she did leave her child there she will be labeled a bad mom in my opinion. I have a child that has been hospitalized many times for medical issues. I would never leave his side for a moment unless his dad was there to relieve me so I could go eat or shower.

    • pmo

      I hear ya, used to take my son in his little recliner seat into the bathroom so I could shower, last night new atl, lovely mimi is neither lovely nor entertaining, all the people at that shiot hole salon stink, the outside looked so trashy, where was rashida, mimi, joseline and the regulars? have been enjoying karli redd but is she really doing a sex photo book like madonna did 30 yrs ago? nasty. bambi also has worn out her welcome, go back to compton.

      • LoLo

        I haven’t watched last nights episode yet. It’s on the DVR. I agree with your comment. They are all tired & appear to have little to no self respect. Rasheeda’s storyline with Kirk, real or not is something I would never go along with.

        • pmo

          p.s. also think lovely mimi is trying to act like cardi b.

          • LoLo

            I guess the prerequisite to being on the show now is you have to be a stripper, have an arrest record & sleep with the same people in the same circles. For me, it’s becoming harder to watch. I don’t mind drama & a shadiness but this is taking it to far. It’s like they are proud of working the pol or getting arrested, being a side chick & having kids with guys who already have 6 kids.

  • bambiglanville

    They are all low lives. Masika especially. Such a fame hungry beast.

    • pmo

      does anyone know how masika made a living in the past?

      • bambiglanville

        one can only imagine.