INTERVIEW Corey Simms’ girlfriend Amber Scaggs addresses misconceptions and rumors

Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms and Amber Scaggs

Earlier today we published a story with updates on the relationship between Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms and his new girlfriend, Amber Scaggs. In that post we mentioned that we had set up an interview with Amber that would eventually fall through in the midst of the onslaught of media attention she received after the story of her relationship with Corey broke.

We’re happy to announce that Amber has been kind enough to answer a few questions in an attempt to clear up some of the misconceptions and rumors spreading like wildfire on the internet. Here’s what she had to say:

What are some of the misconceptions being reported about you and your relationship with Corey?

There is no one who knows anything about Corey and I’s “relationship” besides close friends and family, so I’m sorry to say but a lot of the information you have been given is false.

Whom I stayed with while in West Virginia, is also very false information. I stayed with numerous friends and family, “of course I hadn’t been home in along time” and my trip was not for Corey, it was planned before he and I began talking.

The plane ticket: very false. A “family friend” if that’s what you wanna call it, did in fact purchase my ticket on a credit card, in the matter that I do not own one, but that “family friend’s” money was handed right back to them. You don’t honestly believe someone’s dumb enough to spend a thousand dollars without being sure if their moneys gonna be given back – I know I wouldn’t.

Have you talked with, or are you planning to talk with any tabloids about your relationship with Corey?

I have not spoken personally to any tabloids.

Was there anything you wanted to say to the Teen Mom fans trying to make you out to be a villain?

Teen mom fans are going to believe and hear what they want to. I’m only one person, I can’t control or go out of my way to change minds of complete strangers.

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I want to thank Amber for being gracious enough to talk with us.

UPDATE – The May 30 issue of OK! magazine has a cover story about the Amber Scaggs and Corey Simms relationship with more quotes from Amber and a friend. CLICK HERE to check out the highlights!

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  • Vanessa

    I really don’t think it’s necessary for some of the teen mom fans to attack her and call her names . I think it’s sad that the over zealous fans are take it to heart and they act like their Leah it is not that serious. It is just show are people going to attack Leah’s new boyfriend when they find out she is dating which I think she is but if she not whatever it is their lives.

  • !!!!

    Well, quite frankly, her and Leah are both way too pretty for his ugly ass. He’s a pig.

  • idontgiveafu*k

    Every1 wants there 15mins of fame

    • Casey Johnson

      Amber doesnt want 15 mins. of fame she is way better than that! (:

      • Bubba

        Better than that? She is getting it…so she can’t be better.

  • Disgusting

    Funny how no one backs up HER story…

    She is correct about one thing, she won’t change any minds. More times than not, these “tips” turn out being true. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an exclusive Amber interview in the tabloids before long.

  • Amber’s Cousin

    I love how the tabloids make a good person with no intuition of harming anyone out to be a bad guy! Amber is the sweetest girl ever and she has always a great friend! Amber doesn’t need any of this negativity an none of you all know her or really care to know her! I wish you would open your eyes and see that just because her and Corey are friends does not mean they are together! I talk to my cousin almost everyday and I am about tired of all of this hear say from so called family friends!! Get your information correct before you try to talk about someone you do not know!

    • Johnny Depps Grandmother


      Anyone could put “Amber’s Cousin” in the name box.

      Way to stick up for your cousin……..on a gossip website. Don’t let it get to you hun.

    • Johnny Depps Grandmothers Uncle

      Your grammar sucks and wasting my time reading that is 5 seconds I will never get back.

      I love the “sweetest girl” and “great friend” part. Those are the qualities that I look for in a sweet, great friend….a girl that bangs a married man who also happens to be a giant d-bag.

      • Lady Gaga’s Towel boy

        Haha, thank you for making me laugh until I cried. You are both quick witted and funny.

  • Amber’s Cousin

    She has always been a great friend!

  • :-)

    I guess it is true bout her n her cousin

  • teen mom

    i agree with a lot of the comments. Corey is a huge d-bag and a pig. Leah although not completely innocent herself does not deserve this little 15 min fame girl to come in a EFF her husband because he is still in fact her husband until the judge grants otherwise 🙂

    cousin – seriously youre always going to defend your cousin nomatter what kind of girl she is…. kind of looking like a homewrecker to me….just sayin

    • Bubba

      Yeah, seriously shes making her whole family look like a bunch of psychopaths.