Someone stole the “Christmas Story” leg lamp from a New York liquor store

Ein lamp


There have been any number of Christmas miracles already this year–heck, there’s already been reports of one today–but this has to be one of the least miracle-y Christmas stories to emerge all season: one or more very naughty parties in upstate New York has gone and stolen the leg lamp from the window display at a cherished local liquor store. The Yankee Spirits Liquor Store, in stately North Tonawanda NY, has had its Christmas Story replica leg lamp up front and proud in the window for over a decade, but some dastardly fellow swiped it over the weekend.

So far, surveillance footage is inconclusive, showing only a man wearing a hat and sunglasses. And local police are baffled. Though they have begun their investigation with the town’s least-lit houses.

According to Yankee Spirits owner Gary Brennan–who, by his own count, has seen A Christmas Story over 100 times–this particular shady doin is darn near personal:


I’ve been a fan since day one; I’m one of those freaks who’s been watching longer than it’s been on TBS. After I started collecting stuff for some years, me and my wife decided to bring the whole display to the store and it’s been in our front window ever since….[The theft has] made me so mad, I want this guy’s face out there….This is our signature theme for our Christmas decorating. He is a worthless individual. He will be caught.


Unfortunately, there’s also more bad news for the good people of North Tonawanda. Despite the town’s place firmly in the middle of the Snow Belt, forecasters this year are calling for a cold, rainy Christmas.

At least the liquor store is still open.

(Photo Credit: Own work)

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