VIDEO Love After Lockup Season 2 premieres in December

Love After Lockup Season 2 promo WE tv

WE tv has a big hit on its hands with post-prison romance reality series Love After Lockup, and the network announced before the limited first season was even over that the show would be returning for an expanded second season. That was all the information fans had to go on — until now!

This week, WE tv shared a brand new promotional video announcing that Love After Lockup Season 2 will premiere in December! Here’s the clip:

The video features a woman breathing on the glass between herself and a male prisoner before drawing a heart with her finger. The woman and man look like actors, but it’s possible they’re both actual cast members featured on Season 2. If so, I think we may have another #hotfelon on our hands!

At this point, all we know for sure about the new season is that it will return in December. We’ve heard reports that some of the Season 1 cast members may have continued filming after each of their “catch up” specials were shot back in June and July, but we’ve been unable to confirm those reports.

UPDATE – WE tv has since revealed that Love After Lockup will premiere on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c. The premiere will come after a series of at least five “Our Story” episodes recapping each of the Season 1 couples’ stories.

The incident that had me the most excited as a fan was when Garrett Tanner’s release rebound “Natural Nelly” was in court earlier this month on charges stemming from her marijuana arrest last December, and she said something on social media about there being a woman at the hearing that she wanted to punch.

Actually, it is an injustice to Nelly to speak on her behalf when she has such a magnificent way with almost words, so here is what she actually stated:

Mad I seen that weak ass hoe n couldn’t slap her because we was in court b*tch ain’t no look my way tho So guess hoes don’t want no smoke ??‍♀️??‍♀️

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me that was Johnna she was talking about! Johnna is currently living in Austin, Texas, but she did take a short social media hiatus around the time of Nelly’s court date.

UPDATE – Bummer…Johnna responded to our post on Twitter and laughingly informed us that she was not the “weak ass hoe” that Nelly was referring to 🙁

If you’re curious, Nelly pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession and received 12 months of probation and community service.

I have reached out to WE tv to see if they can share any more information about the new season at this time, and I will certainly update this post if I find out anything.

So, are you excited for the new season? And some of the former cast members do come back, who would you most like to see? Here’s a Season 1 cast photo and list as a refresher:

Love After Lockup renewed for season 2

Johnna and Garrett
James and Alla
Andrea and Lamar
Scott and Lizzie
Mary and Dominic
Angela and Tony

NOTE: The top photo is not an official promo image or slogan, it’s just a fan fiction graphic I created for fun.

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