Truth behind rumors of Farrah Abraham leaving Sophia behind when she moved to Florida

Did Teen Mom Farrah Abraham leave her daughter Sophia behind when she moved to Florida?

The Teen Mom universe is all up in arms today after news spread about this week’s Life & Style cover story claiming Farrah Abraham left her daughter Sophia behind with her grandmother Debra Danielson when she moved to Florida to attend Culinary School in Ft. Lauderdale.

The story, which featured an actual interview with Farrah, seemed to be contradicted by another recent interview Farrah gave to, as well as numerous photos of Farrah and Sophia together in Florida over the last few months. An admin from a Farrah FB page also posted this message late Thursday: “CLEARING UP A RUMOR: Farrah did not leave Sophia behind she took Sophia with her to Florida and they are currently very happy. 🙂 ALL RUMORS ARE FALSE!”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia enjoy the beaches of Miami
^ Teen Mom Farrah Abraham & daughter Sophia enjoy the beaches of Miami back in July (Butterworth/Splash News)

We’ve been diligently trying to get to the bottom of this mystery and it seems our efforts have paid off! We have a reliable source who tells us both stories are true (or at least have truth to them)! Wait, what?

According to our source, Farrah did leave Sophia with Debra in Council Bluffs when she moved to Florida, but only for a period of one to two weeks while Farrah got moved in. (Which we will probably see in next week’s episode.) BUT, that’s not all. The source goes on to say Sophia went to stay with Debra again recently, which would help explain how Farrah was able to take the time to attend the recent Fashion Week events in New York City.

Let me make perfectly clear that we don’t know when Sophia went to stay with Debra this time, nor how long she will be there (but she is currently still there, but having two separate instances does help make sense of the seemingly conflicting Life & Style excerpts and the MomFinds article. We all need a little help sometimes, and it’s great to have grandparents willing to help. Farrah and her parents have been through a lot, but they seem to be getting along much better now.

Just in case you missed it, here is the info from followed by the Q&A from
Farrah Abraham Why She Gave Up Her Baby Sophia Life & Style magazine cover

But Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the reality star did make the decision to leave Sophia. In fact, her daughter is staying in Council Bluffs, Iowa with her mother, Debra Danielson, while Farrah is attending school in Fort Lauderdale for the past several months–and since, Debra has become Sophia’s primary caregiver.

Farrah tells Life & Style in an exclusive interview, “I want her [Sophia’s grandmother] to be there for Sophia when I need to take care of my responsibilities, my education and earning an income for both of us.”

But as more days pass away from her daughter, Farrah says she often grapples with her difficult decision. “I’m tugged in many different ways daily — but I don’t want to limit myself or Sophia.”

From MomFinds:

When deciding whether or not to bring Sophia to Florida with you, did you fear people would judge you?

Honestly, I wanted Sophia to move with me from the very beginning. When my mom came up with the idea of Sophia staying with her, it created drama as if I’d be doing the right thing by taking her or leaving her with my mom. People can judge either way.

It looks like the evidence is stacking up that Fararh is indeed living without her daughter Sophia in Florida. Right now Sophia is currently staying with grandmother and grandfather.

Here’s a more recent Farrah interview with It looks like Life & Style turned out to be right. Sometimes it’s really hard to decipher the true (in this case, it involved spoilers for the Teen Mom season that perhaps MTV was trying to keep under wraps):

Now that you’re in Florida, do you feel like you made the right decision?
I am certain I made the right choice. I am very happy where I am.

How are you handling being away from Sophia?
Being away from Sophia is very hard. The first couple of days I cried a lot, but I always check in and call her. And I’m keeping my self busy with school, work, and meeting new people in Florida.

How often do you see or speak to Sophia?
I speak to Sophia twice a day–Sophia loves talking on the phone.

Now that the season is over, do you have any regrets?
There is more to my journey–everyone has just seen the start. I have no regrets.

Do you wish you did anything differently?
Honestly, I’ve made the best choices for Sophia’s life and for my life. There are no regrets. I am a great parent and I’m rolling with the struggles and the great moments.


Top Photo: Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia visit the Culinary School Farrah would eventually attend in Fort Lauderdale back in February of 2011. (

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