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Farrah and Friends podcast episode 1

Teen Momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham continues to expand her empire, this time adding podcast host to her seemingly ever-growing resume. Earlier today, the 24-year-old mom released the very first episode of her “Farrah and Friends” podcast with a list of guests that included her Teen Mom OG co-star Amber Portwood!

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Actually joining Farrah in the studio was her boyfriend Simon Saran, model Jenna Shea, and actress and entrepreneur Heather Marianna (above). Farrah and the ladies (and Simon, to a lesser degree) kick off the podcast talking about a wide range of topics from celebrity headlines to the struggles of being a successful businesswoman.

It was just after the 32:30 mark that Farrah gives Amber a call, and the two OGs avoid all of the on-screen drama from this season and instead focus on Amber and fiancé Matt Baier’s new house flipping business enterprise.

Here’s the podcast followed by most of Amber and Farrah’s conversation:

FARRAH: The Reunion‘s coming up, and we’re so excited. And a lot of growth for all of us in 2016. And I know that you shared some on Teen Mom that you’re now house flipping and I was super excited to talk to you about this because I know so many people — you know, who may be teen moms like ourselves — are wanting to do something with their income, and also make extra income. So please share your excitement. And also, maybe something that you would like to share with everyone about, maybe, hard times with [inaudible] flipping and some good tips that you’ve been noticing along the way.

AMBER: Actually, it is in the middle of winter here — snow on the ground and everything — and we’re still flipping houses. Well, just to start out, you know, the money that I get from Teen Mom, and money that I’ve gotten for other things also, I guess you need to find something to invest into. It’s a good way to build your money. You can kind of triple your money, honestly. But it’s hard, it’s not easy. I think some people watch these flipping shows and you think it’s the easiest thing, but it’s really not. It’s a huge risk because you’re putting your own money into it, you know? And either you can get profit out of it, or sometimes you beak even…You have to do a lot of research and make sure you have the right people on your team. I have a great realtor that I work with in Indianapolis who has a bunch of different types of properties that I can invest in. And we’re on our second house now. Our first one we sold in five days. So, yeah, we’re doing really good. In a week our second one will be done, and we should make a bigger profit off of this one.

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FARRAH: What would you say, when it comes to painting, when it comes to finding a good contractor, what work do you guys not mind doing yourselves that others might be, like, “Oh, I could do that too.”

AMBER: You know, with the first house we really had to kind of watch the contractors and the painters and kind of learn a little bit, you know? We really didn’t know exactly what we were doing. But this one, we could do easier things like painting, helping put the flooring down, and just trying to learn how to do different things. The hardest thing, though, is finding a good contractor that can keep with you and stay on every house. And we finally found somebody who is Matt’s, actually, his ex boss, so it’s kind of funny.

After speaking with Amber, Farrah calls up her daughter Sophia. Once Sophia is on speaker phone, Farrah gives a mighty proper introduction. “So everyone, I’m introducing the love of my life,” says Farrah. “Like I said, she’s had Twitter fights with [inaudible] Nicki Minaj, she’s been to New York Fashion Week, she has her Instagram, she’s blowing up over everywhere, she’s going to be such a star. Sophia, hello, how are you?”

Sophia is rather shy, but answers, “Good!” Farrah has difficulty getting Sophia to answer any questions, but mom is very sympathetic and does a great job of covering by announcing that their dog Posh had her puppies! Here’s a photo from Twitter:

Farrah also took the time to wish Sophia a happy 7th birthday! Here are some photos from Sophia’s party, which was apparently celebrated a couple of days before her actual birthday on February 23:

Best Happy B-Day party ever for Sophialabraham Happy 7th Birthday my beauty. Farrah Abraham did a great job. Xoxo

Posted by Debra Danielsen on Sunday, February 21, 2016


Farrah tells Sophia that she will be flying home soon to see her, and Debra’s photo album was tagged in Lakeway, TX (Where Farrah’s Austin home is located), so I am assuming that Sophia is still living Austin. My guess is that Farrah wanted her to finish out her school year, but I do not know that for sure.

At the end of her podcast, Farrah teased next week’s guest by revealing it is a “huge YouTuber” who she says has made fun of her in the past. I can only assume that means internet superstar Shane Dawson will be returning the favor after Farrah appeared on his podcast back in April. This recent photo posted by Shane seems to back up that theory:

The new episode of “Farrah and Friends” should be out next Thursday, but if you need your Farrah fix before then, all you need to do is tune in to Part One of the Teen Mom OG Reunion Special with Dr. Drew airing Monday night at 10/9c on MTV! The first of two parts will feature Farrah and Maci Bookout — you can click here for four preview clips.

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