RHNY Ramona Singer and Mario Singer renew their vows; better than the first time

Ramona Singer shows off her elegant red dress at Bethenny Frankel's wedding

Ramona Singer is quickly turning into my favorite New York Housewife. Maybe her Tru Renewal™ process is actually working, but her on-camera persona has shifted from close to bat-sh!t to maybe the sanest person in the room (if not a little quirky, tipsy, and shamelessly outspoken). It’s Ramona’s relentless honesty that reels me in. Who doesn’t like a girl who will show up to a Kodak party and vocally observe that the company’s on it’s last legs?

The other girls seem to think that Ramona has ill intent behind her truth-fueled outbursts (like pointing out Kelly’s uneven boob job at a fancyexclusive Saks party), and that she’s “playing dumb,” but it really comes off (to me) that Ramona’s just speaking her mind.

Back to Ramona’s True Renewal™ process: the girl is simply going all the way with this theme. She’s got a skincare line called Tru Renewal, a jewelry line called True Faith, is renewing her skin, got a new haircut, is cleansing herself emotionally after the death of her emotionally abusive father, and is took it all the way by renewing her vows with her husband of 18-years Mario Singer.

The shot last week of Ramona asking Mario to renew their wedding vows seemed a little awkward, especially on Mario’s part, but there was a camera capturing what’s usually a very intimate moment. The ceremony itself was also filmed for the Bravo show, and both Ramona and Mario seem to be thrilled with the event.

Ramona told Bravotv.com that she was so excited about “getting married” that she felt like it was the first time, and Mario told Hollywoodlife.com that it was “better than the first time.”

Their daughter Avery, who at 14 is looking and acting like quite the little lady, agreed to be Ramona’s maid of honor. She was reluctant at first in the video below, but ultimately agreed: