The father of the baby with cancer on RHNJ speaks out against Danielle Staub’s behavior

Chris Stilianessis, the father of the infant with the rare form of cancer featured on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is speaking out against Danielle Staub and her entourage’s behavior at the benefit for his sick child at the Brownstone.

Talking to, Stilianessis thanks Danielle for raising awareness about his daughter’s disease, but believes that instead of focusing on helping his baby she used the event to amp up her own drama.

Staub, who is currently broke, had a friend purchase one $350 table at the event, which seats 10 people. One of the problems is that her entourage of Kim Granatell, various felons, and Hell’s Angels numbered around 25, so there wasn’t enough seating for all of them when they arrived.

The group then defied all logic and reality by using this hiccup to make a fuss. In the Manzo’s defense, from the footage it really looked like the Brownstone crew was setting up an extra table for Danielle’s peeps on the fly. But Danielle and her personal bodyguard Danny Provezano were all “fired up” and ready to rabble rouse by standing around and complaining.  The gang might have whispered about “wreckin” the place, but the trouble they caused was like a slight annoyance, a fly buzzing or a tension headache. Danny was still on parole and they were being taped for national television, what exactly would they have done and not walked away in handcuffs?

But Danielle didn’t really have a choice, she was just hustlin’ to keep Bravo’s  interest in taping her. If she actually stays away from the Manzos and doesn’t act a fool, there really is no Real Housewives of New Jersey, is there? It’s one hand clapping.

Mr. Stilianessis also claims he had no idea Danielle had beef with the Manzos, and would never have invited her the event if he knew.  Dude must not have internet access or common sense, because you know if a reality star plans to show up at an event you’re throwing you better Google their a$$ to see what’s might go down.

Even so, Danielle’s histrionics were gravitating towards Kelly Bensimon levels, with Danielle explaining to the mother of the sick baby that the fact that they didn’t have seating for 20+ people when she only reserved for 10 was  “why I need to bring these guys.” And, of course, her Bensiquote of the day: “”I have a good grasp on reality

Here’s a clip of Danielle trying to steal the spotlight from a baby with cancer:

Thankfully, despite all this nonsense, Baby Emanuela is doing well and is currently in remission. Click here to visit her website.

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