K-Fed’s brother C-Fed claims he’s the father of Britney Spears’ oldest son

Christopher Federline

The brother of Kevin Federline is claiming that he’s the father of Britney Spears’ oldest son Sean Preston. Even more head shaking than that, Christopher Federline is making this claim in court papers he filed in Florida seeking a restraining order against Spears.

Accusations made by C-Fed in these filings made on December 18 in Tampa, Florida include:

• While picking up Sean Preston and Jayden James from Kevin’s house, Britney stole Christopher’s credit card out of his wallet.

• Spears racked up over $4,000 in charges on the allegedly lifted plastic

• When Christopher approached Britney about this alleged theft she, in his words, “laughed at me and told me my brother Kevin ruined her life. Britney made fun of me and told me I have a small penis.”

• Britney blackmailed him by stating that she would out him as the real father of Sean Preston.

Christopher Federline stated, “I do confess I slept with Britney, and I am the true father, but the public does not need to know.”

All I can say to Christopher is good luck on this petition because I think he’s gonna need it. To get more deets you can pick up the latest edition of the National Enquirer (I know but we’re talking about court docs here).

UPDATE: It turns out this was a hoax pulled off by some convicted felon named Jonathan Lee Riches.

Photo: Josiah True/ WENN.com | MySpace