TEEN MOM 2 Why Jenelle Evans got back with David Eason

Jenelle Evans is back with her husband David Eason despite their tumultuous past. “I don’t care what they say, I love you no matter what,” she boldly proclaimed on an Instagram post of them posing together. In the images the couple are holding hands and smiling.

Jenelle further gushes with positivity in an Instagram Stories Q & A session, and attributes the change in her attitude and her relationship to leaving Teen Mom 2.

“How are things now with David and you?” someone asks, to which Jenelle responds: “We are doing better than ever.”

She credits this improvement to being off the show and getting some privacy in her life. She explains that this has not only helped her relationship with David, but with her mom, Barbara Evans, as well.

Another person tells Jenelle, “I think you and David have grown SO much! That’s marriage. Stay safe!”

Jenelle’s reply to that was: “I feel like we have learned so much and realize our family is everything and always will be.”

Jenelle’s marriage to David has been rife with drama. Last November Jenelle filed a restraining order on David and fled North Carolina because of things he was posting online. They have since reunited, but as soon as April Jenelle was posting cryptic things about not being happy.

Now, she seems to be bubbling over with positivity. In the Instagram Q & A she does acknowledge, however, that she has issues with some of her husband’s views.

“Do you think that David’s views are a bit disrespectful?” one person asks.

“Yes I do,” Jenelle replies. “but he sees the consequences from what he posts 😂” In 2018, David Eason went on a homophobic and transphobic tirade on Twitter.

Although Jenelle seems to be loving her new-found privacy, the couple have been making moves to continue their public careers after leaving the MTV show Teen Mom 2. Just a few weeks ago Jenelle revealed that they were working on parenting advice videos together.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor @AmeliaStarcasm